Best Human Resource Management Platform in 2019 for Semi-Formal Workforce


Best Human Resource Management Platform in 2019 for Semi-Formal Workforce

There are a lot of our everyday activities that the technology has made easy ? whether it?s online shopping, food orders or cab service. But it?s not just technology that makes it happen for us. The people responsible for completing that last mile are the ones working in the semi-formal economy. Be it delivery executives, cab drivers, housekeeping or private security ? it?s ultimately the semi-formal workforce holding up the pyramid to execute the vision of the top-level management.

However, when it comes to managing this segment at the workplace, it?s still a pretty messy, manual and unorganised process that comes with a lot of challenges. However, given the sharp rise in demand for semi-formal workforce in India, it?s only fair that they should have proper Human Resource management solution at the workplace. And with technology in play, there are a lot of challenges that the organisations can solve by switching to a smart Human Resource management solution for their blue-collar workforce.

Sourcing and Hiring

First things first, hiring is a difficult business in blue-collar jobs. To begin with, they don?t have formal records, digital footprint or proper source to apply for jobs as we do. So, it?s a bumpy road both for the employees and employers to connect with each other. Often, the training institutes struggle to place trained candidates in the right jobs, while companies can?t fill vacant positions with the right workforce. However, there are digital platforms that make the process a lot easier. All training institutes have to do is to sign up and upload their candidates, while employers can fill in details and find the exact match for the position they are looking to fill. For instance, look for ?unarmed security guard? in ?Bangalore? from a ?training institute in Orissa? under the ?Management and Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC)?, and you can get the exact match. It?s that simple.

Onboarding and Background Verification

After hiring, comes the onboarding and verification of the candidate. This process is still unsystematic and unverified candidates are a potential threat to the organisation. It?s far more advisable to engage professional background verification companies to do this for you than rely on the traditional methods, which will prove to be ineffective in the long run. They onboard your employees through KYC-based onboarding process and trigger a more holistic background check on them in order to rule out any risk. Irrespective of the industry, proper background verification always safeguard?s company?s future.

Skilling and Training

Once the individual is part of the system, the next piece of the puzzle is training them for the job. There are several industries where the semi-formal workforce is the face of the brand. So, it is very important to invest in their skill development training. The recent case of a delivery guy tampering with food is one such example. Several instances of cab drivers misbehaving with customers land the organisation in a soup. This is the reason that training doesn?t only mean job skills but also soft skills, customer handling, and knowing that they have a huge responsibility and each of their action directly impacts the customer and therefore the company. This can make or break the company?s brand building exercise.

Attendance Management

Though this may seem like a mundane activity, this has a huge impact for both employer and employee. Attendance management is an essential part of the employment as it helps determine remuneration, work division and even the punctuality and performance of the employee. All ofthese factors hugely impact the organisation in the long run. However, in the semi-formal segment, this is still a manual process which leaves a room for error. The physical registers can be tampered with, manipulated or destroyed, therefore causing a loss in important data. This can be done much more easily and accurately with the help of attendance app for employees, where they can digitally record their attendance and employers can have a single-window, anytime access to their records.

Payroll management

Payroll management is still a challenge for employers in the blue-collar segment. With no digital presence, the salary distribution can often be chaotic and unorganised. But like attendance, payroll can also be managed digitally which will make this a lot easier for employers. They not only make salary disbursement easy and error-free, but also open doors for loans, insurance and other financial services.


The employee cycle ends here but the employers still have the responsibility of compliance management. It?s important for them to be aware of and compliant with the labour laws and CLRA statutes, or else the consequences can lead them to a hefty fine or even prison time. But with the manual process in multiple locations with multiple vendors, keeping track of compliance gets difficult. And like other services, switching to digital compliance management can streamline the process and safeguard the company of any discrepancies.

BetterPlace is one of India?s fastest-growing technology platform for end to end lifecycle management of the blue-collar workforce in India.?Their services facilitate a frictionless transition of the semi-formal workforce into the formal economy. Trusted by 1000+ large employers across various industries, BetterPlace has onboarded and engaged over 60 lakh individuals and is currently on-boarding more than 10,000 individuals every day.

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