B2B lead generation tactics for a Startup

B2B lead generation tactics for a Startup

If yours is a B2B startup, you may be aware that a B2B audience wants expertise and efficiency unlike the B2C audience which may lean more towards deals and entertainment. A B2B startup must also prepare for such challenges as lengthier sales cycles, keeping up with changes in technology, hiring and retaining employees, and partnership decisions. However the biggest challenge for marketers in this segment as revealed by HubSpot’s 2017 ‘State of Inbound Marketing Report for 2017.’ is generating quality leads.

5 Lead Generation Tips to Maximize your Startup’s Success

According to an article on Small Business Trends, only 80 percent of the small businesses that started out in 2014 made it to the next year. To increase your chances of longer survival, you need to take charge of your lead generation. Automated and quick prospecting with tools such as ScopeLeads is one great way to do it. Here are 5 other tips to get there:

1. Work on your Content

Consider what an impact it would make if you offered insight and answered questions through the medium of an informative blog post or article. Your content should be original, offer value and be appropriately search engine optimized for relevant keywords.

Joining hands with other businesses for content projects such as ebooks, webinars, micro-websites, complex standalone products is a smart way to boost lead generation through your content.

2. Endeavor to get Referrals

Try to win referrals from your early customers by learning in-depth about their problems and helping them to be successful. Ensuring the happiness of your first customers is encouraging fuel for them to tell their friends about your business or unhesitatingly agree to give you a testimonial or case study. You could also consider starting a B2B referral program that offers rewards to its participants.

3. Create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is in short a description of the perfect business, organization or agency fit for your business. This fictitious ideal customer is one who not just gets maximum value from using your product but also contributes profit to your business by virtue of being your customer.

To create this profile, you need to first identify 5 to 10 of your best customers and then spot common denominators based on aspects such as the following:

  • Size of the company
  • Industry
  • Years in business and whether experiencing decline or growth
  • Location and time zone
  • The company’s challenges
  • Designation/position/role of key contacts in the company
  • Annual revenue
  • What attracted them to your company
  • Social media platforms in use

4. Make A Killer Landing Page(S) and Send Your CTA To It

You need to put maximum effort into perfecting your lead generating landing pages. Two areas worth focusing on are optimization and design. For the former, make sure you have the following:

  • Keyword-focused gripping title tag and headline
  • An attractive, succinct meta description
  • Quality images
  • Scannable content with appropriate HTML tags
  • Call to action
  • User-friendly social-media sharing

As far as design goes, these would help: a heading that’s lucid about the product’s key benefit(s), mobile-first design, smart use of graphics (avoid stock graphics), minimalistic design that doesn’t detract people from the product and call to action, embedding of video that depicts your USP, short loading time, incorporation of testimonials and trust badges, bullet points for product/solution benefits. The lead generation form should request only minimum but essential information – providing name and email address is generally acceptable to users.

Once you have one or more landing pages ready, send your CTAs to them.

5. Offer Something In Return For Lead Data

Think up attractive opt-in offers ranging from a free ebook or whitepaper to registration to a live event to use on various pages of your website. Offering resources such as these for free would make visitors to your website quickly ready to share their contact information. Just be sure that the experience from the offer is one that is likely to bring the customer back to your company or product. In other words, the free exchange should have a high probability of bringing you some market price.

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