Automated complaint resolution website launched in India

Automated complaint resolution website launched in India

Online complaint resolution provider, Resolver India, on Tuesday launched its website "", which is automated with zero manual interference, to allow users and companies help and connect with each other in a structured manner.

" is powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), which guides consumers and supports organisations by making recommendations on what their next steps should be and when to take them," Pratyush Singh, CEO at Resolver India, said in statement. 

The Indian startup, previously called Expertily, received funding from London-based company Resolver Group UK and since then the organisation has become a preferred resolution tool with a customer satisfaction rate of over 98 per cent in the UK. 

Even before the funding, the UK website was flooded with over 15,000 queries from India per month and was visited by over 2.5 lakh Indians in 2018. 

Since India is the third largest consumer market in the world, consumer complaint resolution market is many times bigger than the UK, the company added. 

"We love India. With India leading to grow into one of the top three consumer markets in the world, from $1.5 trillion to nearly $6 trillion by 2030, we see India as a tremendous opportunity," said James Walker, Founder, CEO, Resolver Group UK.

The company expects to receive majority of the initial complaints related to travel, banking, insurance, telecom and real estate.

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Source: IANS