Asia's Longest Ongoing Military Conflicts

 Bangalore: So far, the world has witnessed several wars that broke out between countries or within the countrymen mainly for power and settling disputes. In return, such disputes create only chaos and confusion and most importantly massive lost of lives. Here are the names of the longest ongoing insurgent conflicts in Asia as listed by

1. Philippine Communist Insurgency:

Philippines Communist insurgency refers to conflicts between communist rebel groups and the Philippine government and its supporters which started way back in 1942. Because of this longstanding communist conflict, the Philippine government is unable to control and develop large parts of the country. The insurgents planned their attacks and secured weapons and funds locally. They have strong roots in  different regions they operate and have proved hard to defeat. On the other side, the government’s counter-insurgency approach had diminished their numbers but has not been able to destroy the organization. This conflict which has been going on for over 40 years had already killed thousands of combatants and civilians.

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