Anatomy of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting in the New Decade

Anatomy of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting in the New Decade

It’s 2020. A new decade has rushed in. Yet the popular accounting software from the 1980s is still going strong. Undoubtedly, QuickBooks still rules the roost when it comes to accounting applications in the U.S. Though many alternatives in respective regions have emerged – MYOB in Australia, Tally in India, and Reckon in the United Kingdom – QuickBooks have managed to hold fort on its own. There are many editions of QuickBooks – Pro, Premier and Enterprise along with a plethora of different versions and flavors.

QuickBooks Enterprise is suitable for companies that deal with large transactional accounting data. It is fundamentally designed to be a software that can be operated on a physical desktop, but with the advent of cloud computing technology, everything’s going to the cloud. There is a web-based version too aptly and simply named QuickBooks Online. However, the QuickBooks Online application has very limited features and is primarily just like a mobile application. A full-fledged QuickBooks desktop version has a different look and feel, which serious accountants and CPAs cannot compromise with. Similarly, for large enterprises, QuickBooks Enterprise cannot be a matter of afterthought because huge number of stakes are involved into it.

Therefore, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting from a cloud computing service can come handy. It allows and promotes all the features of a QuickBooks Desktop with no level of drop in productivity at all. With the new QuickBooks Enterprise 2020, there are several updated features which makes the job of accountants even more easy:

PO details in subject title

The purchase order details can be directly sent to the recipient in the single email. The PO details can be edited from menu bar itself. In the email subject line, the PO field can be included.

Batch invoices for customers

From the similar email, one can now send many invoices together at the same time. This will reduce the number of emails that can be reduced significantly.

Automatic remainders for payments

The payment reminders can be sent on timely and periodic basis to dispatch reminders of the payment. This helps in streamlining the process by mailing lists can be created and customers can be added accordingly. The final step is “Send and Review” payment which allows you to see and evaluate all your payments.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting – The best way forward

There are many more features in QuickBooks Enterprise hosting Solution which makes it a preferred choice of so many users out there. Some of the features include – Easy Payroll Setup, Smart Help, Employee Self-Setup and many more. These features have been integrated to the new QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 version which becomes even more effective when hosted on the cloud.

While you may be looking for a variety of QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud hosting vendors, look for a one which is certified by Intuit because that offers the certificate of authenticity. Also, check for the number of years it has been in the business and its background in hosting cloud-based products. A cloud hosting company like Apps4Rent offers QuickBooks Enterprise licenses and hosting at best prices in a single bill which keeps things convenient for you which also integrates with other useful business tools such as Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Learn more about Office 365 hybrid migration.

So…it’s 2020. The way QuickBooks is consumed has changed. Have you?