Amit Raizada a Visionary Entrepreneur And Investment Strategist

Amit Raizada a Visionary Entrepreneur And Investment Strategist

Amit Raizada Entreperneur and Investor

Most people will perhaps be familiar with the name of Amit Raizada thanks to his association with philanthropy in and around the Midwest. However, an immensely passionate and successful entrepreneur and investment strategist, Mr. Raizada's numerous business interests far exceed the esports gaming industry alone. To date, Raizada has successfully invested in more than 60 companies, including some of the largest corporations in the US. Amit's amazingly well-rounded investment activities encompass, for example, the telecommunications industry, technology, finance, hospitality sector, food and beverage, entertainment and real estate.

Born in New Delhi, India, Mr. Raizada immigrated to the United States at the age of 2 working his way up despite being a foreign immigrant from one of the poorest countries in the world. His passion for business and entrepreneurship developed early in his career which, in part, led him to join the Economics program at Michigan State University. After having successfully obtained his degree, Raizada went on to build a career as an investment strategist.

Spectrum Business Venture

Then, in 2002, the watershed year in Amit’s career, he established his first company,Spectrum Business Venture (SBV). And it is SBV that served as the foundation stone of Raizada's immense and envious success in the business world in the coming decades. Courtesy of Amit's inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit and his great insight into the workings of the market, the company has continue to growh during its 17+ years of existence so far.

During this period, Amit, as the founder and CEO of the company, has helped diversify the company's interests in so many different industries and has built such a high-performing portfolio that t simply boggles one's mind. To cite but a few examples, the company boasts of sizeable investments in the telecommunications sector. SBV's investment portfolio in this sector alone includes industry leaders such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. The portfolio looks equally strong and impressive when it comes to financial technology companies with significant investments in Store Financial Services, Card compliant and Select Quote.

Then, in the entertainment front, SBV has formed lucrative partnerships with such firms as HD Films and Echo Fox (a revelation in esports industry). And if all of these were not enough, SBV and its affiliates owns or co-owns thousands of large and small real estate projects across the country and then there are all those plentiful investments of SBV in the hospitality sector, especially the food and beverage industry.

Collaboration of Raizada and Vision Venture Partners (VVP)

VVP was founded by three-time NBA champion turned investor Rick Fox and Stratton Sclavos. However, in 2016, shortly after the formation of the company, Raizada joined the team and is now designated as the co-founder of this private equity firm. The main objective of the company is to find startups with the greatest potentials (especially in the high growth markets such as video gaming, digital content production, esports and so on) and then act as investment sponsor for the fledgling entities. VVP transfers key knowledge and skills to these sponsored companies that prove valuable for their sustained growth and prosperity. And it is Raizada's fabulous track record as builder and operator of successful ventures and as an investment strategist that VVP chiefly leverages to ensure its own continued growth and expansion. Due to a disagreement he is no longer involved in VVP.

Vision Esports

However, for all his exceptional successes, one still feels that any introduction to Raizada will remain incomplete without mentioning his association with the exponentially growing sector of esports. Vision Esports, a subsidiary of VVP, was launched by the latter with a view to exploit the huge growth opportunities that esports industry at present appears to possess. Or this venture, the VVP personnel partnered with Chris Nordling and Jace Hall. Hall possesses incredible talent in game design and also happens to be one of the most successful marketers in the gaming industry.

Then there is Echo Fox which is basically a professional esports company founded by Rick Fox when the latter bought out the League of Legends Championship Series. Owing to Raizada and Stratton Sclavos'great business acumen, Rick has already established a first-rate gaming crew and many predicted that this egaming team would soon be one of the largest and strongest egaming team in the industry.

A Passionate Philanthropist

However, Amit's identity is not restricted to a successful businessman alone and we'll be doing him an injustice if we left out mentioning all the different philanthropic interests of his. Amit strongly believes in socially responsible business and it is this that inspired him to found Vision Global Foundation (VGF), the CSR branch of VVP. And reportedly, each year VGF commits 10% of the VVP employee's time as well as 10% of VVP's net earnings toward charity. In addition, Amit has also contributed over the years generously to various organizations such as Monmouth University Athletics, Autism Speaks, the Center for Advanced Heart Care, the University of Kansas Hospital and others.

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