All You Need to Know About Fleet Management Technology

Fleet management companies across the world are looking for better technology to enhance work efficiency, improve work safety and comply with the requirements set by the authorities. Although there are numerous devices that they have employed like GPS and live dashcams, there is still more that can be done.

As a fleet manager, it is always good to keep your eyes open for new and better solutions that you can adopt and that can bring change to the company. Owners should also contribute to making this a reality by approving the adoption of new technology in their fleet companies.

All You Need to Know About Fleet Management Technology

What Is Telematics?

This is the trending technology in the fleet industry at the moment. If you are new to the sector, you might be wondering what it is. But here is a simple explanation. It is a fleet solution that allows for the transmission of information from the field into the offices that are located elsewhere and the other way around. It uses different platforms, but the internet is the main one used. As we are going to see, telematics has revolutionized the fleet industry to the extent of receiving real-time information while one is on the go.

GPS Technology

All You Need to Know About Fleet Management Technology

This is the most common technology used in increasing efficiency in the fleet world. It uses satellites to send coordinates into the fleet office to show the current position of vehicles at all times. Today, GPS can use cellular technology and information from the internet to increase the accuracy of data about locations. Also, other capabilities are added like instant communication with the drivers to offer direction and other guidelines. Apart from increasing efficiency, GPS is a full-time safety device that can determine when there is a problem like a carjacking. The AVL devices supplied by EyeRide online can help address and prepare for this problem perfectly.

Real-Time Cameras

All You Need to Know About Fleet Management Technology

Here, cellular internet plays a major role in the real-time transmission of footage as recorded by installed cameras. These cameras have numerous benefits to the fleet.

  • Cameras enable the monitoring driver behavior when they are installed in the cabin. The supervisor can communicate with the driver if unsafe behavior like sleeping or loss of focus on the road is taking place.
  • The number of passengers boarding and exiting public vehicles can be counted for increased accountability and efficiency.
  • Cameras play a role in enhancing security to prevent the theft of vehicles or carjackings.
  • Recording accidents to aid in investigations and lodging claims with the insurance companies is another essential purpose of real-time cameras.

Drone Technology

Another technology that is performing especially well in the fleet sector is drone technology. They are used to monitor traffic by providing an aerial view and allowing supervisors to guide drivers in which routes to use in busy towns. These devices are also used to count vehicles as they arrive back at the base. They are fast and accurate.

All You Need to Know About Fleet Management Technology


The current technology is amazing. Fleet companies also use online forms and documents that are filled out by drivers in real-time. Supervisors, managers or owners can access data at any time rather than waiting for manual forms when the vehicles return. With all of these technologies, you can always obtain the best efficiency, safety and compliance in your fleet management business.

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