Advantages of Palletizing Robot in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Advantages of Palletizing Robot in Pharmaceutical Packaging

From time immemorial, change has always been constant in the manufacturing industry. It started with the industrial revolution where machines replaced human operators,and now it is fast moving to a robotic revolution where collaborative robots replace over 85% of human and mechanical operators in the industry.

In recent time, palletizing robots are trends in the industry, companies that are into small and large-scale productions are adopting this technology in their material handling system. The Pharmaceutical sector is one of the areas that obviously need palletizing robots in their packaging system.

The need to save cost, make the work environment more conducive, increase productivity and general safety are making key players in the pharmaceutical sector to automate their packaging system.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly sensitive and gives no room for production and packaging errors. Stakeholders in the industry acknowledge this fact; this is why they are all advocating for a robot palletizing system in pharmaceutical packaging.

A recent study by the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies predicted that palletizing robot will handle about 34% of Pharmaceutical Packaging operation in North America before the end of 2018.

Since palletizing robots are fast becoming the trend in Pharmaceutical packaging, it is important for companies in this sector to see some of the advantages of this technology.

Advantages Of Palletizing Robots In Pharmaceutical Packaging
#1. Greater Speed

Palletizing robot brings about greater speed in pharmaceutical packaging. Since these technologies are designed for repetitive and boring tasks, they can work continuously as a particular speed based on how it is programmed. This will definitely increase productivity, efficiency and saves time in the long run.

#2. High Level of Accuracy

The pharmaceutical industry is very sensitive,and there is no room for errors. This is why palletizing robots should be adopted for a high level of accuracy. When in operation, these technologies monitor the entire packaging system and play an automated supervisory role. They check for low hopper level, low-level supplies, fallen bottles,and other production anomalies.

#3. Flexibility

Flexibility is another great advantage of palletizing robots in pharmaceutical packaging. At any time, operators can adjust or modify the programming of these robots to feet into a particular task in the factory.

#4. Cost Reduction

Palletizing robots help to reduce cost in the long run. Since it handles most of the packaging process, they will be little,or no fatigue, redundancy, injuries and many other risks employees are exposed to.

#5. Very Reliable

Palletizing robots are very reliable during operation. In fact, they can operate continuously for 24hours without a breakdown. Furthermore, these technologies are designed to be able to verify the placement of products,and it can keep up with production speed even if it works for a longer period.

When it comes to choosing the right palletizing robots that will perfectly fit in your pharmaceutical packaging, Universal Robots is your partner of choice. They are the robotic giant that is at the forefront of bringing the robotic revolution in the manufacturing sector.

Palletizing robots from Universal robots are flexible, reliable accurate and can be used with different machines.


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