Act Now to Recycle Your Old Business Tech to Become More Ecofriendly
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Act Now to Recycle Your Old Business Tech to Become More Ecofriendly

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 07 November 2017, 13:15 Hrs
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Recycling old business tech to become more ecofriendly has been one of the main objectives for businesses to remain sustainable and competitive in the current contemporary world. Studies have revealed that business objectives and environmental sustainability have not always been compatible, especially when it comes to the utilization of the modern technologies. According to numerous articles published in, many organizations have been striving to recycle their old business technologies to ensure that they fulfill the expectations of their customers. A good example is the mobile phone industry where technology has evolved significantly, particularly since the emergence of iPhones and other smartphones. It is evident that most companies are turning to ecofriendly technologies in order to reduce their impact on the environment and reduce the rate earth’s resources are being diminished. One of these methods is to sell an old iPhone after upgrading. Another is recycling old technologies at the end of their lifespan and converting them into technologies that are more sustainable. Climate change is taking place and it is undeniable that the resources found on the planet Earth are continuously being depleted. This is the reason why Apple has decided to invest in technology that enhances the safety of both human beings and the environment.

Recycling has been one of the key factors that have motivated most technological companies to go green. Greening the iPhone has motivated the management team at Apple to ensure that the company remains ecofriendly and sustainable, especially with the development of the new iPhone 7. Evidence has shown that going green has enhanced technological companies to produce gadgets that are more sustainable. For instance, the features of the iPhone batteries have made them have a longer life, be more energy efficient, and designed in a waterproof manner. This prevents the iPhone products to be more ecofriendly and thus prevent these products from being dumped in landfill. According to articles published in, sustainability of technological gadgets has played an instrumental role in enhancing the competitiveness of companies. Technology companies have been at the limelight especially when it comes to the way they exploit natural resources in the process of manufacturing their brands. Recycling is considered as one of the most instrumental means of conserving the environment and ensuring that all business processes are ecofriendly. In addition, environmentalists have been at the forefront urging environmental agencies’ to regulate the impact of technology companies on the environment. This has motivated most of the companies to recycle their old technologies with an aim of reducing the amount of wastes that is taken to landfills.

The most important issue to consider is whether old business technologies can be recycled to become more ecofriendly. Since the iPhone 7 smartphones were introduced, a host of old technologies was utilized in the development of these modern gadgets. This is evident particularly with the advancement of old technologies and improvement of old features to develop new systems. The new smartphones are a reflection of advancement of old technologies which have been designed to meet the ecofriendly specifications. Apple produced a report which showed that the new iPhone models reflect the ongoing efforts of the firm to progress towards sustainability through the development of ecofriendly gadgets. In addition, the new technologies are designed to specifically reduce the general environmental footprint. A good example is the two modern aspects of the new iPhone 7 which have the greatest impact on the environment. They include the waterproofing as well as the elimination of the 3.5mm headphone jack. These factors may have conflicting impacts, but they have been designed towards production of ecofriendly technologies.

Recycling old technologies has played a leading role in ensuring that the products that are produced currently are ecofriendly. Apple’s decision to ensure that iPhones are waterproof implies that even when these gadgets are dropped in water implies that they will not get damaged and be through in landfills. This means that the new technologies are becoming more ecofriendly and thus reducing the impact on the environment. This is a clear indication that the company is making a huge progress towards becoming more sustainable and thus reducing their impact on the environment. This will effectively ensure that the old technologies are diversified to ensure that the products that are produced in the future have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

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