9 things to remember while shopping online

9 things to remember while shopping online

More and more people are getting inclined towards online shopping day by day and that's mainly because of the huge number of advantages and benefits that can be availed by the customers with very low risk factors. In case of buyers, they get a wide range of various collections at affordable prices and amazing discounts .Try using the active Myntra coupons to avail discounts of upto 60% off on just about anything you want. Whereas in case of sellers, they don't remain confined anymore to their physical brick and mortar location,rather they get a huge crowd exposure online and get the opportunity to be in direct touch with consumers. But this nice and smooth online experience can also easily turn into your nightmare if you are not careful about it.

Here's a list of things that you need to keep in mind while shopping online:

1. Read product details

Ordering a product just on the basis of having a look at it on the thumbnail display can be a big mistake cause often it doesn't look as it seems. The brands make it look amazing through edits and background lighting to attract a crowd but you always need to read the product description to understand what kind of material is used in making it , what kind of fit does it offer and similar things.

2. Shipping charge

Often it has been seen that whatever you save on the buy through the courtesy of discounts gets balanced up by the extravagant shipping cost. So always check whether they are providing free delivery and even if they are not, look for standard delivery charge. Most of the websites provide free shipping above a minimum purchase value cause otherwise it also doesn't make sense for sellers as well. But some of the online websites and apps like Flipkart and Amazon provide unlimited free and quick delivery for their membership plan holders like Amazon Prime, Flipkart Plus etc.

3. Comparing similar products

Same product from the same brand is often listed on more than one websites for generating more crowd exposure and that's completely fine from both the seller's buyer's point of view. What's more important is that buyers can use it as an advantage to check and compare the price of the same product on various platforms and after considering all the options they can select their desired one at the best price available. In case of finding the perfect fit size also, this same thing can be done . Sales like Big Billion Days on Flipkart, Great Indian Festival on Amazon or Myntra End of Season Sale bring a lot of discounts on such premium products from top brands that you wouldn't have imagined.

4. Customer reviews

Always keep an eye on the product reviews by the ones who have already bought and used it. They are the ones who can properly describe the quality and fittings of that product. Sometimes they also post the original pic of the product as they received it and you can get a better idea about the product. If most of those reviews are positive ones with good feedback then you can be quite sure that the product itself is genuine and of good quality.

5. Knowing your rights.

Each and every e commerce online website has some policies about this whole purchasing process and they tend to abide by those rules. So as a user, you always gotta check out those policies beforehand while making a purchase. You need to go through their return policy cause some of these websites are quite strict about it and they don't allow return for products like electronics or personalized products once the package has been opened or in some cases used. You also need to be aware of their replacement time , cause if that time period is over, they will no longer allow any kinds of return or refund. In case of Myntra they have no questions asked 14 day return policy which is quite amazing.

6. Difference between real and fake

First thing that you have to learn while being on these kinds of online ecommerce websites is the ability to differentiate between a real and a fake. Often while you are surfing online for some products, some very much lucrative and unearthly discounts can be seen popping on your screen and many a times it has been found that people get drawn towards it. The only end result in these cases are loss of personal money or even hacking of personal information which is nothing you would have imagined. So whenever you buy something, buy from someplace which has been around for quite some time, you have heard quite good about it and you have also looked it up and found it to be genuine. Brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas are completely genuine and the discounts they offer are also as reliable and responsible as them.

7. Information sharing

To shop online from any of these ecommerce websites, you have to register with your name, phone number, email id, home address and some other things like that. But they never ask for your very much personal and legal information like a lime Aadhar card, Pan card or bank details. So if any of them is asking for that, you need to be more careful about it and probably stay away from it. Only in case you wanna make  a prepaid order that they ask for your banking details otherwise never.

8. Payment options

All of the ecommerce websites provide a number of payment options for each and every customer whether it can be any bank card, net banking, UPI, wallets or cash on delivery. But in case you prefer online payment or prepaid orders then it is advised to use a credit card for that purpose cause in case any non verified or fraudulent payment takes place from your card, you can easily inform the bank and they can stop it. But in case of debit card or other online net banking, if the money is paid then it becomes very hard to retrieve your hard earned money.

9. Transaction protection.

Many a times the experts have been heard to talk about enabling two factor authorisation in case of any transaction. The benefit of having a two factor authorisation is that it alerts you about any kind of scam or fraudulent payment activities from your bank account and gives you enough time to notify the bank to stop it as soon as possible.

 After going through this article, I am sure you will have a brief idea about things to check for sure while shopping online. But keeping all things in mind, online shopping is and will be still way more beneficial than the risk factors included in terms of safety, choice and quality of products. Also you can avail all those amazing discounts from such top brands online which can never be found in case of their brick and mortar locations.