8 Best Young Corporate Achievers in India

BANGALORE: Reaching the zenith of success does not have age limit if one has the determination to reach the goal. Moreover, these 8 young Indians have successfully exemplify it, reports Shamni Pande of Business Today.

Avani Davda: Avani Davda, the CEO of the joint venture between Starbucks and Tata Group, is not only the youngest but also the only female to head a business at the $100 billion Tata conglomerate. She has brought iced Frappuccinos to India—a critical region for the coffee giant, which wants the country to become one of its top five global markets.

Avani though have a successful profession now, is clearly not captivated by her success. She sees her current role “as a fantastic opportunity and a responsibility” and feels truly blessed to be spearheading this joint venture. Avani said, “I have been with the group for 12 years, and in all humility, while I do respect my position, I’m not the only young CEO in the Starbucks group. Even my counterpart in China is very young,” reports Deccan Chronicle.

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