8 Most Controversial Statements Ever Made
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8 Most Controversial Statements Ever Made

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 30 May 2012, 11:42 Hrs   |    6 Comments
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Bangalore: We have seen comments becoming disastrous and controversial several times in public sphere. Words can bring fame to the public figures at the same time it can spoil their image completely. The recent controversy of Prashant Bhushan calling PM 'Shikhandi' is an example to one of these, though Bhushan denied the statement later.

Many have faced the bitterness of unnecessary comments. Though the comments were sometimes hilarious or sarcastic, the famous ones struggled to calm down the fire aroused around those silly comments.  Here we list some of the most celebrated comments that would have been better unsaid by the famous people based on the report by Forbes.

1. “Ek hi maara [he landed just one slap]?”

Hazare said to a group of journalists at Ralegan Siddhi when he learned about the attack on Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar “Ek hi maara [he landed just one slap]?” The comment was followed by a big laugh among the audience but Anna’s attitude of being sympathetic to the attacker who assaulted the Union minister brought huge criticisms on him. The leaders all around India reacted to Anna’s ridiculous attitude.

 Anna Hazare had to make a good number of justifications to come out of this issue. When Hazare realized the impact of comment he said, “He (the attacker) may be very angry. This is not good. Anger is not good. Our Constitution does not tell us to be violent with anyone.”

He further justified, “I was addressing a daily gathering of people when someone sent me a note informing about the attack. I wanted to know whether it was just a slap or there was some other kind of violence,” as First Post reported. When the defenses went futile Hazare had to apologize for the silly comment that he made before the public.

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Reader's comments(6)
1: what more we can expect from these media covered heroes, who are too much busy to run through the print media and news channels. otherwise no one can watch the entertaining news channels.
Posted by:ldm - 09 Jun, 2012
2: Mr. Saji is absolutely right. We have no option for choosing our leaders who can be firm and clean and can lead us to a better province. It's like this;

Common men --> common talented and eligible men --> become in politics --> We are not so rich if so then want to be more rich that leads greediness and selfishness --> have more option to make fame and money --> now become corrupt (less or more) --> the corrupt leads feed some antisocial (sometimes social too) to make them loyal --> Then they use them like slaves to protect them from any harm (justice/ goodness / truth) that can hamper their position --> timely they become so strong that they will have a society/ channel of power that can retain them in their so called positions --> In total of those leads, we made them our country heads even after knowing 90% of them are fake/corrupt (here we support them at election as they bribed us sometimes at some occasion) --> Now they will be in position and post to run the country --> Now educated and knowledgable people can get that how they will/ are run/running our country!!!!!

This is why we are not able to change our country's fate which is our fate too.

We have to start it from beginning. We have teach ourselves a lesson about 'HONESTY', 'TRUTHFULNESS', 'RIGHTEOUS', 'PROMINENT' , 'TRANSPARENT' and 'COURTESY TO HELP OTHERS'. All people cannot do that but at the least, we can teach our future generation and current generation to get a result. The process is very lengthy and will take at least 2-3 generation but if we can implement this then I am sure we can build a good and peaceful nation.

There are many complexities but everywhere those are present. We have to try it from beginning. Because if you want to change the way it looks like in it's peak then it's better not to do. As it can blow your everything. We have to make a strong base then only we can build a good palace.
Posted by:Sam - 04 Jun, 2012
3: We as a country can only progress when, regionalism, religionalism, & casteism is done away with , may sound easier, but if we take Anna Hazareas example we surely can go miles.
With Congress in neck deep corruption & controversies & BJP facing leadership crisis, we as citizens must take initiative & protect our sovrenity, Educate the masses of their rights, revolt against injustice in national & international forums, MAKE 'that' Change first.
The present Congress Govt led by M.Mohan singh lacks political will & has obsolete Administrative skills they are as good as Eunucks & live in a fools paradise, making others feel that the masses might forget everything (How Silly)revenge & ego is their forte, they are using the official machinery for hoodwinking masses.Congress does not have anything commendable to show the masses as achievement except corrupt politicians. All activities of growth has been washed down the stinking drains of corruption. cut & paste activities are prime, else past Govts or oppositions bashing is taken up as prime time activity. Which is well supported by our spineless Netas, Media, & Journalists. Our faith in democracy is not there any more & would prefer to have Military rule the nation for good. these netas must be given the same treatement as TALIBANS did with their traitors. Each Congree & those supporting them must be quetsioned for what they did for the country all these years... Apart from blocking & planting stories against Team Anna Hazare.
All those ministers who took oath & cheated the Indian Democracy must be punished for treason.people have lost faith in the congress & fed up with no alternatives around.....If god gave me a wish i would prey to call back all those indian politicians who may have crossed 60yrs to be given re-birth as donkeys & monkeys in Alaska Or some deserts. Inshallah this would happen.
Posted by:SAJI - 31 May, 2012
4: very well written.i really liked your style of writing. its extremely informative and fact based. good work.
Posted by:jetin - 30 May, 2012
5: these are not controversial statements but matter of fact
but the media played a disruptive role to use them to divert
the attention from the real issue ie fight against corruption

Every sector be it sports, banks, industries,politicians are
directly or indirectly involved and without their intervention
or personal interest no paper can move

this is demoncracy not democracy becoz every right minded
protest is being mauled down with revenge and force other
wise why suddenly the govt wake up to know that ramdev not
pay taxes and file false cases against him.same force is
being used against anna team members

Why people like kripa shankar, karuna nidhis, kamladis rajas
moving scot free and no SIT being instituted against them
especially when they have been proved Criminals and why their
property not attached so far

This sardar is shielding all of them and bystanders Advani
are watching the fun sitting on the fence

Its time all Indians wake up before we have lawlessness
same as PAKISTAN
Posted by:andeeluv - 30 May, 2012
6: Its really interesting to read the comments and the situation behing these. Read the complete article for the full fun.
Posted by:sara - 30 May, 2012