7 Hot B2C Content Marketing Trends

7 Hot B2C Content Marketing Trends

B2B and B2C companies are always on the lookout for the latest techniques on Content marketing. Content creation is the lifeline of any online business. That is why more emphasis is always provided on how the creation of content can be done in an audience captivating manner. A reputed content marketing company can make use of enhanced techniques while the site is just at the evolving stage, meanwhile, they order research papers help.

The latest techniques pertaining to content marketing follows suit:

Include media publishing formats to describe the content

Changing landscape on content formatting is something that is inevitable. You can provide life to your blogs or ideas by making use of media-publishing methods. These include

  • Adding animated video ads
  • Conceptualized audio podcasts
  • Brand awareness via customized advertorials
  • Feet tapping music-based commercials and so on.

This way, you are adding more life to the existing content. When you give something, with a better toast added to it, people obviously want to get a sniff of it, more and more. Multi-media techniques of publishing content are definitely adding to the momentum among leading content marketing companies.

Voice-based technology

Content marketers are looking at more novel ways of making use of technological advancements, to their advantage. Voice modules are gaining importance, at a very rapid pace. As today, more and more audiences do not like the idea of getting toyed into the screen time for hours. Content, therefore, is interwoven into our day to day lives. This way, audiences get a substantial dose of content, with their hands and eyes free.

Siri is an IOS technology that allows the end-user to speak to the device and get things done. We are moving towards an era, where artificial intelligence is taking precedence over human intelligence. Alexa is Amazon's voice over where it talks to customers and takes orders.

The call and response content is thus getting replaced with talk-to devices.

Transparent techniques for content marketing

Brand awareness programs or even video ads are getting saturated now. Consumers are more awe-inspired in getting recommendations from friends, colleagues at the work-place and so on, to get their brands right.

Focus more on getting your shopping sites personalized. Include scrap-book diaries and suggestion boxes at the end of each web page. The customers can feel free to drop in their online testimonials or what they felt after buying or using a product of yours'. You can work on customer grievances, to make your products even better. Remember that customer is your king and their online comments can be the best tools, behind devising the right kind of content marketing techniques.

Use multiple avenues to create, post and distribute content

When you create content using a single platform say a social media channel like Facebook, you may not be able to reach out, to multiple gamuts of audiences. Try content creation and distribute the same among multiple avenues. This way, the reach of your site among global and desi audiences will catapult sky-rocket high. You can distribute value-added content via

1. E-books
Social media Channels (Again use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram)
Including a blogging section on your Word Press sites
E-mail marketing
White papers and customer generated case studies
Video infographics using lead magnets
Landing pages
Customer delight and knowledge sharing programs and so on.

Approaching the right content marketing company can help you develop the right kind of tools and strategies towards effective content marketing.


B2B marketers are kind of similar to the B2C ones. Many firms in many varied B2B segments have already started experimenting with B2C-like plans in Social Media. It would be various interesting videos uploaded on Youtube or funky Facebook promotional campaigns and out-of-the-box contests. And for your information - these companies are achieving what they aimed for. The trend is only growing, so you can expect other companies to join in. In the ever-growing B2C sector, the customer is in total command now.

They can make full use of the INTERNET to study specifications, configuring and modifying products, reading reviews about the product they are about to buy and recommendations by their 'Net Peers', evaluate prices, etc. Previously, it was the companies who somewhat controlled the whole buying process. Nowadays, the striking change that has occurred is that it is the prospects that control the buying cycle.

Pro B2B companies will adhere to 'consumerization' of 'B 2 B'. However, in 2018, Companies actively raised their expenditure on Content marketing in order to convey the right message and interactive verdict support tools at the exact time when they expected the buying cycle to begin.

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