6 Women Who Broke the Stereotypes in the Freedom Struggle Era

BENGALURU: In this 21st century we still talk about women breaking stereotypes, but in this article we present the 6 women who broke stereotypes back in 1900s which went unnoticed in the chaotic freedom movement. The Better India honors these women who contributed to the national struggle in their own unique ways.

Kadambini Ganguly

Kadambini is the other lady who made complete use of the same intelligentsia movement. She is the other woman to have graduated in the entire British India. She was also the first South Asian female physician trained in western medicine. She further went ahead to work in Lady Dufferin Hospital before starting her private practice. Kadambini was one of the six female delegates to the fifth session of Indian National Congress.

Chandramukhi Basu

This is one of the two women to complete graduation in an era that was dominated by men in all walks of life. Chandramukhi sent a strong message to all the women in India that education is not confined to one section. She took advantage of the intelligentsia movement that was at it peaks to break her way into a college. She never looked back after her graduation and went on to become lecturer and a Principal of Bethune College. She was the first undergraduate academic head in the entire South Asian region.

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