5 Ways to Remove the Clutter from Your Home
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5 Ways to Remove the Clutter from Your Home

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 15 December 2017, 05:07 Hrs
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When your home is cluttered, it can leave you feeling unmotivated and even depressed. If you feel as though you need a clean out, focus on one room at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Get ready to put on your cleaning gloves, stock up on storage containers and call a rubbish removal company. You can do this!

Here are 5 tips to help you de-clutter your home:

1.    Do you really need all those clothes?

When sorting through your wardrobe you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you ever going to fit back into those skinny jeans from 20 years ago? If you haven’t worn something in over a year, it could be time to say goodbye. If your body does change shape again, then it will be a good excuse to go shopping!

When you go through your closet you may even discover clothes which you had forgotten about. Try on every piece of clothing and if you decide to keep it, neatly hang or fold so it is ready to wear.

All local charities are always looking for second hand clothing in good condition, donate your pre-loved pieces for that feel-good feeling.Or, you can have a clothes swap party with your friends and end up with a whole new wardrobe.

2.    Focus on your desk

When you clear a cluttered desk, you will feel more organised and productive. File any loose papers, create a system and give each item a home.

You can purchase affordable stationery and storage from most department stores and you may be surprised how different your workspace looks when you add a few pencil tins and shelving units.

Once you have arranged your desk, it is time to tidy your computer. Delete any old files, organise your desktop and get your device running more efficiently.

3.    Refresh your refrigerator

It is easy to forget what is in the back of your fridge or freezer.  It isn’t a fun job, but a clean out will inspire you to get back into the kitchen. Throw away any food which is past its expiry date.

When cooking in large batches and storing in your freezer, you should always seal correctly to avoid freezer burn. Label your meals with the date and you will never waste food again.

When cleaning your fridge, don’t forget aboutthe outside. If there is clutter such as children’s drawings, old invitations and business cards, consider whether you really need them pinned to your fridge.

4.    Go through your “junk” storage

Most people have a drawer, cupboard, spare room or shed which becomes their “junk” storage. This is often filled with items you don’t use regularly, andif you sort through this area you will free up some space in your home.

The secret is to remove it, don’t just move it! Sell any items you no longer need on Gumtree (https://www.gumtree.com.au/), recycle them or giveaway. If you need to keep it, store the items properly.

Plastic tubs stack neatly, and for smaller items try using drawer dividers. Anything else should be put in the bin, if there is a significant amount you may need a rubbish removal company.

If your storage doubles as your linen closet, neatly fold your sheets and towels.

5.    Clean out your children’s toys

If you have children, you know they accumulate toys, clothes and knick knacks! This is a task which is often easier if they aren’t home, as often they will like to hold onto things they don’t need.

Once again, donate any clothes and items which are too good to throw away. If they have outgrown something, or if it is broken – it needs to go. Purchase additional storage containers or shelving and put everything in the right spot.

This will also teach your children to eventually be able to tidy their own rooms. Any children’s artwork can be framed in a collage, or stored in folders. Don’t feel guilty about not keeping everything, stick to your favourites.

Final Tips

Create a goal of what you want to achieve, and give yourself enough time to complete each task before starting. Once you have been through every room in your home and eliminated clutter, you will need to ensure it doesn’t come back. Create a routine in the morning and evening, making sure you put things away as you go.

Make sure everything has a place, and use a label maker to make your home is well organised.

Try to avoid purchasing things you don’t really need, this will not only save you money but reduce any potential clutter creeping back into your home.

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