5 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

It can be a daunting task to produce a good essay. Even the experienced essay writers still see it as a challenge. The good thing is that while an essay can serve different purposes, the structure of all essays is the same. This is why it is important to understand how to write an essay if youwant to produce a high-quality paper. A good essay should have a solid thesis that is not only debatable but is supported by the relevant evidence. This evidence could be from your own research or other sources. If you are wondering how to improve English writing, here are ideas that will help you improve your essay.

1. Understand the essay question

Before you start writing, you will need to understand what the essay question is. It can be quite annoying spending a lot of your time and effortsin researching and writing only to find out that you have already missed the essay question. You will need to understand the language used in the online essay writing test. Some of the terms that you may need to understand include:

  • Analyze, consider or discuss. These terms require you to weigh out an argument for or against an issue and give your view on it.
  • Describe. When this term is used in an online essay, it requires you to provide a factual information to support your opinion.
  • Recommend. This means that you have to provide options that are required in resolving an issue.

You will need to understand the question if you want to answer on it properly. You should also consider whether you need to get essay writing help.


2. Know the basic grammar, punctuation, and style of an essay

Your English drafting skills will impact the kind of essay you will produce. Punctuation, styles, and grammar are of great importance when doing a research paper if you want to be understood and taken seriously. Prior to the writing of the essay, you will need to ensure that you have a good basic grammar. Grammar includes subject and verb agreement, use of pronouns, proper articles and well-formed sentence structures. Ensure that you have a good use of the common punctuation. Be careful about how you use commas and understand where they are necessary.

When writing an essay, if possible, ensure that you are using active voice rather than passive voice. This helps in making the tone of the essay stronger. Also, use concise language. Do not use transition words that are not adding any value to sentences or even provide the unnecessary wordiness that only serves to detract from the argument. You can seek the help of an online essay writer to edit your paper.

3. Plan your essay

One of the best tips for writing an essay is to plan well. When it comes to online essays, if you don’t plan, you plan to fail. A good essay plan will help you to arrange your ideas in a logical manner. You will also be able to remain on track during the writing process. In your plan, you should state how you will prove your point. Include any evidence that you plan to use. When making the plan, you should consider the different parts of an online essay.

You will need to have an outline of the points that you are planning to include in your essay. Make use of the thesis statement as a way of determining the outline’s trajectory. Do not allow the sources to drive the organization. Ensure that each paragraph has a topic sentence. Therefore, remember to have a plan that will act as your guide while writing the essay. In your plan you should have:

  • Introduction: This is where you explain why the topic is key and define the terms used in the question.
  • Thesis statement. This provides a summary of the main points that you use in the essay.
  • Body. Use this part to develop the points as an answer to questions backed with reasons as well as evidence of the research.
  • Conclusion. This is the part that draws the points together.

4. Understand the argument of your essay

Make sure that you evaluate your evidence thoroughly and critically. Your goal is to back up your thesis using the strongest research. Everything that you are using should have a clear connection to the argument and topic. For more ideas on how to understand the argument of your essay, you should visit this page.When writing an essay, you will need to have your argument in mind. Even though it may be tempting to think about those interesting side notes, this will only leave you with an essay that is less concise. Be sure to question any evidence that you will be including in your essay. One question that you will need to ask yourself is whether the evidence you have supports your thesis. If your answer is negative, you will probably need to exclude that evidence.

5 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

5. Have a good conclusion that supports your research

Many people usually overlook this area when writing an essay. Despite the fact that this is the part that ties the research together and helps to prove the thesis. A conclusion is often a restatement of the introduction. A good conclusion should outline the evidence that you have discussed in the essay’s body. It should also tie this evidence to the thesis and indicate why the evidence proves or disapproves the main argument of the research. There are many essay writers that write great papers but are derailed by a weak conclusion at the end. You need to be aware of this if you want to score good marks in your paper.

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