5 Ways To Save Money While Shopping Online

5 Ways To Save Money While Shopping  Online

Shopping is something we all love. Now with everything available on the digital space, shopping has become even more fun. One can sit and view all items online and simply place an order. You can buy different types of items on the same site on the click of a button.

Online shopping is highly convenient, but the prices may sometimes be higher than usual. Different sites might have different prices for the same products.

But one thing is common on all the shopping sites, that is, their offers. The discounts during the festival seasons or other important public events, the discount coupons and the cashbacks, all can be helpful for saving money.

There are many simple ways by which you can save a good amount of money while you make online purchase.

Let’s look into five very simple ways that we all can use the next time we shop online.

Coupon sites for promo codes

There are various sites available online where you can get promo codes. These codes can be used on multiple shopping sites for a good amount of discount. If you are a frequent shopper then this option is perfect for you. There are promo codes generated for multiple sites. All you need to do is keep a check on these sites on a regular basis.

Here is a list of few sites that you can visit for generation of promo codes:

1. Coupons.com for discounts on groceries
2. Brad’s deals with promo codes for 40,000 retailers
3. The Krazy Coupon Lady
4. Hip 2 Save
5. Passion for Saving
6. RetailMeNot
7. Promocodes.com
8. Savings.com
9. Slick Deals
10. Coupon Cabin

Plan for big purchases in the end of season sales

Every season end most of the online shopping sites offer multiple products at a sale price. The retailers mark down items when they are trying to purge the old inventory so as to make room for new items. The same products are available at great discounts during these season ends. Making maximum purchases during these season ends can help you save a lot of money. Also, if you purchase multiple items the delivery charges don’t apply.

During this end of season sale you can avail discounts upto 80-90%. Most of the big and popular brands sell their products at an affordable price. So the items which you find a little difficult to purchase on the usual days and be easily bought during these end of season sales.

Fun part is, the sales happen multiple times round the year.

Maximum discounts are available on fashion items and electronic products. Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong & Trebify are some of the popular sites known for their heavy discounts during the end of season sales.

So next time plan well and make the most of such sales to save your money.

Step out of the dynamic pricing trap

The online merchants use a very sneaky strategy called dynamic pricing. Using this strategy, the prices shown for the same product is different for different customers based on the customer’s location, browsing history, current demand of the product and the spending pattern. We all have come across this dynamic pricing while booking air tickets online. Air tickets are mostly booked online only and therefore the airlines and the merchants selling the tickets can earn loads of money with dynamic pricing. So, in most cases you may be paying way higher than the actual rates because of this strategy that these merchants use.

There are a few things you can do to step out of this trap that the merchants have set:

  • Clear your browsing history
  • Open the shopping sites in the incognito mode
  • Make sure you log out of your accounts
  • Use the localized website versions instead of being redirected

Do smart comparison checks before you buy

To avoid overpaying you should always compare the price on various sites to get it at the best price. Checking every site one by one can be frustrating and time taking. Might not be very beneficial either. So to help you compare the prices there are a few sites which will show you the price of the same item on a number of sites in which the item is being sold. You can easily select the site with the lowest rate and buy the item. Pricegrabber and PriceBlink are there to help you with such comparisons.


This is a website which provides with lots of cashbacks and also coupons for additional discounts. Whenever you click on the check-out button, Ebates will automatically give you a rebate on the payable amount and will also apply coupons available for additional discount, before your order is placed. This is a great way to save money for you online purchases.