5 Wardrobe Secrets to Always Look Dressed Up

5 Wardrobe Secrets to Always Look Dressed Up

It is very difficult at the same time important it is to look dressed in today’s world because isn’t it all about the looks? Being dressed is being confident and being confident is all that it takes to present yourself in this world. But but but… how is possible to always looked dressed no matter what? Well, we have 5 wardrobe secrets to always look dressed up all the time just so you do not fail to leave a mark wherever you go. Here we go after all aren’t we all here to put a dent in the universe?

Wrinkle-free clothes:

The very first among the 5 secrets is having a wrinkle free clothes! It is of par importance to have your clothes properly ironed to look presentable but I know there are times where it becomes very difficult for us to iron our clothes on time. So next time you are shopping, make sure you buy few pairs of anti-wrinkle clothes, they help you save your time and energy while you are already running late. In my personal opinion having wrinkle-free clothes is the best secret to look dressed plus it saves you from hassle but you should iron your other dress up so it is always suggested to iron it a day prior to your plan and in case you haven’t, don’t you worry, you have few of these anti-wrinkle dresses to save you this time if you are “a lazy ass” and a “forever late” person like me.


The second one from the list is accessories. Accessorize yourself, people!!! I have dozens of accessories in my wardrobe now and I still never miss to get one if a spot an astounding piece ever. Accessories are the soul of getting dressed. A simple pair of t-shirt and jeans can look fabulous and well planned if you pair it up with a nice choker or a cardigan or any jackets or if not anything than merely a nice shade of sunglasses. I am very fond of necklaces and I can tell you nothing can glorify you dress more than a necklace! And the second one would be a nice satchel or a handbag. If you have the basic colours of all these trusts me you are going to rock wherever you go.

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The third is undoubtedly shoes! Shoes are life man… like if you have a nice pair of shoes that complement your dress, I don’t think there is anything else that you will need to look dressed. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of shoes, actually who isn’t? A rhetorical question indeed. Try and get varieties of shoes if possible, if not shoes always buy pairs of stilettoes or boots or anything with block heels or pencil heels but you must have a lot of foot wears and by a lot I really mean I lot lot because the first thing that people usually notice is your footwear and you got to make sure you keep is super clean and polished and I’m sure people will talk about you on your back, but this time it would compliment or for a better chance you might even get compliments in the ladies room or your crush maybe ;-)

The Three Match Rule:

This wardrobe secret is the best amongst all and must be followed to look presentable. Also, I’m pretty sure this will get all the ladies and the men notice you. Your SHOES, BAG and WATCH it is! Yes, one must match colours of their shoe, bag and watch and also belt if in case you are wearing any. This is the most observed thing in any place where you must look presentable be it an interview or a party or an outing this has to be done and trust me before people noticing you, you will start noticing yourself! It will give you another level of confidence and after all, that is better than loving yourself? So the next time you shop to make sure you synchronize the colour of your shoes, bag and the watch. So even if you are in hurry you can always grab these anytime anywhere and look your best. It is not that difficult to look dressed up, isn’t it?

Monochromatic look:

The last and the least for the day among the list is monochromatic look. Let me tell you all what monochromatic means, it means appearing in one single colour. Appearing is single colour has been proven in time and again that it is very easy to dress when you are in this all single colour attire, for example, all black. You must have a few pairs of all black or white or any other colour you prefer in your wardrobe because firstly it looks rich and classy and secondly because it saves most of your time and efforts and lastly, you don’t have to put in a lot of efforts to match your accessories to it. Also, getting a neutral colour would help you match it all with most of your other accessories. Phew, Easy peasy right!

So these were our today's 5 Wardrobe Secret to Look dressed up all the freaking time. For me being well dresses = being happy! So it does not matter if you are a lazy ass like I am or a person who never gets anywhere on time, all you need to be dressed is to follow these 5 tips. As Being well dressed does not only gets you all the confidence of the world, it also helps to learn more about your choice and preferences and proves as a persuasive element in helping you to leave an impression behind when you leave. After all, we are all here to put a dent in the universe right?

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