5 Tips To Use Air Coolers Efficiently In Summer

5 Tips To Use Air Coolers Efficiently In Summer

If you have decided to buy an air cooler this summer, then it's a great choice. For all the benefits that they offer, coolers are incredibly underrated. They are not only a great alternative to air conditioners, but they are also more affordable and more energy efficient. However, due to its lack of popularity, you might not know all the tips and tricks to utilise your air cooler to the fullest. Read on to know five tips that you must follow, to use your cooler efficiently.

1. Ensure climate suitability - The only way that you can enjoy your cooler to the best possible way is by making sure that it suits the climate of where you live. Even though coolers are a great cooling system, they tend to humidify a room. For instance, if you're living in Mumbai, it's best to avoid an air cooler since its a humid place already. However, you can buy or take an air cooler on rent in Delhi since it has a dry climate.

2. Place it in front of a window - As we know, evaporative coolers work by taking in hot air and turning it into the cold air, with its cooling pads. When you place it in front of a window, warm air rushes in at a breakneck pace which leads to instant cooling of the room. You don't need to open the windows completely, since it may make the room warmer. Instead, push the window open minimally, and it will be enough.

3. Proper maintenance - Like all other items, the best way to ensure that your cooler is giving you the best service is by taking adequate care of it. Make sure that you clean out the cooling pads and wipe down the fans periodically, as it accumulates a lot of grime over its period of use. Check the tanks and pump as well to make sure nothing is broken or leaking. If you don't need it all year, make sure you give it a proper cleaning when you take it out. For instance, if you've bought or are taking a cooler or ac for rent in Delhi for the summer, make sure you thoroughly clean and repair it since it hasn't been in use for long, due to non-requirement in the winter.

4. Buy an affordable model - An air cooler is a great thing to have, but it doesn't mean that you should break your bank to get it. Don't think that buying the most expensive model is the way to go. Instead, rely on a mid-range model by a trustworthy brand that will give you proper warranty and after-sale services.

5. Use ice - If the heat is getting a little too unbearable for you and even the top model from best air coolers in India, according to an article published on Newzfresh, won’t be of any help. A good trick is to put some ice in the tank. Placing the ice immediately brings down the temperature of the water, and heightens up the cooling effect. This is an easy and handy tool that does wonders during the hot days.