5 People Who Died While Proving A Retarded Point

Bando Mitsugoro VIII

Who Was He? Bando Mitsugoro VIII was one of Japan’s most revered Kabuki (classic art form) actor. He was officially designated as a “Living National Treasure” by the Japanese Government.

What He Tried To Prove and What Happened? He claimed that he could survive the poison of Fugu fish (puffer fish).

The Fugu Fish is known to be poisonous and was prepared under strict controls. Its tastiest part and the most poisonous part turn to be the same- liver, one of the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japan.

Claiming that he could survive their poisons, Bando visited a restaurant with friends and ordered an illegally large portion of four livers of the Fugu. He ate the livers and died after seven hours of paralysis and convulsions.