5 People Who Died While Proving A Retarded Point

Bangalore: We have heard many heroic stories about people who lost their lives fighting for a cause everybody believed in. But the history never spoke about some people who died trying to prove a fact, which didn’t matter to anyone except them.

This article is about five such people, who lost their lives accidently while justifying their cause.

Franz Reichelt

Who was He? Franz was a French tailor who is an inventor and parachuting pioneer who was referred as the “Flying Tailor.”

What He Tried To Prove and What Happened? He dreamed of inventing a suit which will convert itself into a parachute and will help you to float in the air after a jump from high place or an airplane.

He had successfully tested the dummies and they survived the jump from fifth floor of his apartment. After a number of petitions to Prefecture of Police in Paris, he finally got the permission to conduct test from Eiffel Tower.

On the test day, February 4, 2012, he decided to wear the suit himself, in front of an assembled group of onlookers. He jumped from the first platform of the tower wearing his invention. The parachute failed to deploy and he crashed into the ground and was killed.