5 Long Lasting Cut Flowers

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 14 June 2018, 05:53 Hrs
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5 Long Lasting Cut Flowers

On any happy occasion,and especially if you host a party,you may get a lot of gifts.But probably no gift can quite make you smile so instantly or brightly as flowers! Flowers are quite a sure-shot way to bring an instant smile on the face of even the most depressed soul! Here we have companies for online flower delivery in India as well for all these flowers.

So,if you wish to brighten up someone's life with flowers,choose flowers that last long after being cut.This will ensure that the person cherishes your love,care and concern in the form of the bouquet for a few days at least.For your ready reference, here are five of the longest lasting flowers that you can use either individually or in a combination of your choice:

5.Calla Lilies:

Calla lilies are always a beautiful sight to look,with their robust colors.Did you know they can last long as well? These pretty flowers can easily stay fresh in a vase for about a week,with very little care! Cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees and put them in water that has been mixed with flower preservative or floral food, as its better known as.Cut the stems and change the water and preservative every 2 or 3 days. A word of caution though! Handle the petals carefully as they are delicate and can break easily. These simple steps will help you enjoy the beauty of the calla lilies that you received from someone who matters a lot to you,longer.


If you are willing to take a lot of efforts to make your flowers last long,chrysanthemums are the right flowers for you.And these flowers are widely available for online flower delivery in Gurgaon as well.With care, they can stay fresh for up to a month! To make the pretty chrysanthemums last longer,you should trim their stems every day.Ensure that you buy chrysanthemums with long stems so that there is enough scope to trim the stems every single day.Changing the water daily too makes them last longer.


Found in abundance in Gurgaon and Bangalore cities of India.Carnations are most commonly used flowers in bouquets,not just due to their beauty,but also because they last very long.Without much care,carnations can easily stray fresh for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.The only thing you need to take care of is to immediately take out any leaves or petals that fall into the water in your vase.This will inhibit bacteria from spreading to the flowers and ensure that they continue to adorn your home for a long time.


A very common flower in Delhi and Gurgaon. The elegant orchids have also earned their rightful place in the list of long lasting cut flowers! With little care, an orchid bouquet can easily last up to 3 weeks.Just ensure that you change the water and trim the stems every alternate day. If longevity is your criteria,choose cymbidium orchids as they are the longest lasting amongst orchids.

1. Zinnia

And finally, we come to the winner – the longest lasting flower! Zinnia has been known to stay fresh for 24 days! All you need to do is to change the water every alternate day, even in hot weather of India!

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