5 Indian Wonderkids Born With Exceptional Brilliance

Akrit Jaswal

Have you ever heard of a surgeon performing his surgery at the age of 7? We bet not. Akrit Jaswal, 7, gained fame as he operated on a toddler who had burned her fingers. With a passion for anatomy and science, Jaswal was permitted by his parents to study about surgeries since the age of 6. He is presently pursuing graduation with subjects like Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

Priyanshi Somani

Intelligence and excellence cannot be restricted with age and Priyanshi Somani is a perfect example of it. She succeeded in turning heads globally with her exceptional fast mental calculations. She was also the youngest participant at Mental Calculation World Cup 2010, to add more, she even won the title. Her ability to crunch numbers and perform arithmetical calculations in mere minutes has got her name to the prestigious Limca Book and Guinness Book of World records.

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