5 Historical Places to Remember this Independence Day

Barrackpore (West Bengal)

It all started from here when Mangal Pandey, a Brahmin boy joined British East India Company at the age of 18, rebelled against the English officers and killed many for their cruel nature towards the Indians. In 1772, British built its first barrack at Barrackpore and then Britishers spread their control over India conquering other states at regular intervals. But it was at Barrackpore the initial spark against the Britishers was recorded. The bloodshed and war happened here ignited the fire among people to fight for their Independence.

As an honour to Mangal Pandey, the first freedom fighter to rise against the British oppression, a beautiful park was built after his name. Barrackpore was where he voiced his opinions and started the movement and later he was hanged by the Britishers on 8th April, 1857. Today people visit Barrackpore not just for its calm nature, but also for the significance it holds in the history of Indian Independence struggle.