5 Effective Study Tips for College

5 Effective Study Tips for College

For better or worse, studying is an essential part of college life that can make or break your chances of success. It’s also a complex technique that requires patience and persistence to master. And while the age of information has made a lot of things easier, the toll it’s taken on our ability to concentrate has made it considerably more difficult to stay focused.

This is why it’s important to form and follow good study habits. You might be used to studying a certain way from high school, such as locking yourself in a room for hours on end or cramming everything in the night before the test. But this is no way forward, so consider the following five tried-and-tested study tips to help you succeed in college.

Take Good Notes

It’s simple - good notes equate to good grades. But this doesn’t come naturally to everyone. The key is to focus on writing down key points, avoiding any extraneous information. You can also verify your notes by recording your lectures. If you missed anything, your professor will likely be more than happy to consult with you after hours.

Avoid the Screen

As convenient and portable as they are, tablets, laptops and other e-learning media are generally regarded as less effective than traditional print materials when it comes to studying. In a survey by EducaseReview, 90% of students said that they prefer to study with hard copy instead of a digital device.

In a report by TIME, a study by a psychology lecturer was cited, where it was found that more repetition is required to learn new material if it was being read on a computer screen than printed material. So, perhaps it’s worth experimenting with notebooks and hard copy media for your studies, as opposed to using a laptop or tablet.

Utilize Online Tutoring

Sometimes, you need someone helpful and knowledgeable to answer a question or assist with your studies. This role would traditionally be taken by a tutor, but they can be expensive and you’re probably on a student budget. Instead, you can utilize a website like Studypool or Chegg to get 24/7 access to verified tutors on demand.


The more time you spend on the likes of Netflix, YouTube, and Instagram, the less able you’ll be to focus. Instead, take the time to unplug and disconnect from any digital media when your head should be in the books. Some exercise, a leisurely walk outside or a few minutes of meditation can also be immensely helpful.

Change Your Scenery

The physical environment that surrounds you has a noticeable impact on your ability to learn and concentrate, as well as your mood. Simply moving to a different room or heading outside can help you retain more information and focus for longer. Perhaps it’s worth finding a comfortable spot in the park or local library.


From here, it’s simply a matter of finding the study method that works best for you. It may seldom be fun, but your efforts will pay off in due course.