5 CBD Gummies Startups You Should Be Watching

5 CBD Gummies Startups You Should  Be Watching

CBD gummies are all the rage in the cannabis market right now. They are definitely having their moment in the spotlight, and it is well-deserved. Studies show that CBD can reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety, among other amazing benefits.

With all the attention CBD is getting, new brands are popping up every day. Celebrities, scientists, major retail brands, disruptors, and business enthusiasts, are all looking to cash in on the trend. A few startups stand out from the rest, with their innovative ideas, and their unique approach. Here are the companies to keep an eye on:

1. Verma Farms

Reputable companies that care about the earth as well as their customers are difficult to find. Verma Farms does both, resulting in sustainable farming and the best CBD products around. Just read the customer reviews to see how thrilled people are with the outstanding results they get from Verma Farms CBD gummies.

Verma Farms sources their hemp from certified organic farms in Hawaii, where they are based, and they keep an eye on the agricultural practices of their suppliers at all times. They ensure the soil and air provide clean growing environments, the water is fresh, and the seeds that go into the ground are non-GMO, organic seeds. The cultivation practices are sustainable and easy on the earth, and responsible farming is of utmost importance.

In addition to ensuring their suppliers use sustainable, clean farming methods, Verma Farms goes the extra mile with their CO 2 extraction process. It is complicated to pull off, but the results are CBD with the highest possible levels of potency and purity. CO 2 extraction does not require the same extreme temperatures other forms of extraction require, so it is more eco-friendly, and it preserves the integrity of the oil. The process also does not make use of solvents or additives, so there is nothing but pure CBD oil in the finished product.

CBD gummies from Verma Farms are some of the best gummies in the industry, and this startup is bound for greatness based on the forward-thinking they put into their products, and the care they put into their service. Every customer review attests to their excellence, and it is exciting to see where this brand goes next.

2. LeafyQuick

Started by two Chicago thirty-somethings in 2018, LeafyQuick is one of the few CBD delivery services in the country. They do not make their own CBD products, but you can shop an amazing selection of carefully curated items, make comparisons, read reviews, and make purchases from the comfort of your living room. Your products will then be delivered, GrubHub style, right to your door.

The founders, Rahul Easwar and Mike Reznik, used to make all the deliveries themselves when they first got started. But now business is booming, and they have expanded into two more states. Their website offers guidance through the process of getting a prescription for medical cannabis, and you can even make an appointment through the site.

If you live outside of the Chicago, New York, or Miami areas, you will likely have to wait a while before this service makes it to your state. But on-demand CBD gummy delivery sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

3. Seattle Gummy Company

The founder of the Seattle Gummy Company was always intrigued by gummy candies as a medicinal delivery method. Dr. Connie Wan, a pharmaceutical scientist who is also well-versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, knows that gummies are an efficient delivery method because of the way they dissolve in the mouth as they are eaten. Some of the active ingredients are absorbed directly through the gums and under the tongue, which means they enter the bloodstream directly. No waiting for the stomach to digest or the liver to process.

Dr. Wan’s goal actually has nothing to do with CBD. She wants to create gummies that will deliver important medicines to children and people who cannot swallow pills, without the horrible medicine flavor that comes with more conventional liquids. Her foray into caffeinated and CBD infused gummies has been part of her effort to be taken seriously. She hopes that when people see that they can get a dose of usually very pungent-tasting substances without the gag inducing flavor, that they will be convinced to fund more ambitious gummy medicines.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for products from Seattle Gummy Company. They are still currently in development, but when they hit the market, they are sure to be a success.

4. Montel By Select

Montel Williams has been an advocate for the use of cannabis products to treat symptoms since his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1999. The Emmy award winning talk show host has made it a mission of his, to champion for the mainstream use of CBD and THC as a healing product. It changed the game for the treatment of his own disease, and he believes it will change the game for everyone.

Williams actually had a rough start to get his company off the ground, and it may be a while before he jumps back into CBD gummies. A few years ago, some scammers stole quotes from him and used them to sell their own CBD gummies, under the guise that they were coming directly from Williams. It turns out that those CBD gummies actually contained no CBD.

Williams has spent the last couple of years tracking these scammers down, and they are currently in litigation. Regardless, his company is up and running, and you can currently find his CBD products in several locations in California. Keep an eye out for Williams’s product line to expand, as his products are created from a patient-centered perspective, and sure to be some of the most effective available.

5. Casper

The company that makes comfy mattresses and all things sleep, has decided to take their obsession one step further and partner with Plus CBD to create a gummy specially formulated to help you get the zzz’s you need. Casper made it to the list of market disruptors with their mail-order mattresses, and is cashing in on America’s sleep problem with products to help people get better rest and lead more productive lives.

Their CBD gummies are not yet on the market, but they will have the added benefit of melatonin, and are designed with the same principles the company was founded on. A good night’s sleep is key to health and well being. They even have won the endorsement of John Legend. When these gummies make their debut, they are set to hit the ground running … we mean snoozing.