4 Apps that can transform your Budget Phone into a Premium one!

applicationsThe long list of reasons to not buy those newly-launched, big-budget smartphones gets longer with every day that passes. Now, a standout amongst such reasons is that you can easily transform your existing device to its evolved and much smarter avatar using an array of applications. So, what is the need to splurge money on a smartphone and just for a couple of new features when you easily get them without spending a penny? All you need is to make a few touches and swipes and get yourself a new interface.

Here are four feature-intensive yet lightweight applications that are going to completely transform your smartphone, and with it, your user experience:


A few high-end smartphones have personalized applications for Health these days which ensure well-being of their users. But this feature can also be availed for all smartphones with the app Healthifyme. Developed specifically for Indians, Healthifyme enables its users to set the desired goal for weight, track their food intake, and keep a tab of their physical activity. The app is best for those who can’t visit a gym or go to a dietician. It, moreover, contains a comprehensive database of over 20,000 Indian foods using which Indian foodies can effortlessly calculate their calorie intake. Healthifyme also extends on-demand fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and dieticians offering personal assistance over the phone.

Power Director

Another feature that high-end phones have an edge over their other counterparts is that they also come equipped with advanced video editing applications. However, video editing is becoming an easy job for all smartphone users with applications like PowerDirector. It is one of the leading movie making apps available in the market. PowerDirector comes with a ton of features including powerful timeline video editing, free video effects, slow motion, reverse video, background editing, and so on. You can also create voice-overs and action movie effects using chroma key to produce 4K resolution videos and share them on social media.


While only a limited number of users could otherwise get their hands on personalized AR-enabled emojis (Samsung S9 personalized feature), it can as well be enjoyed on other smartphones using a cutting-edge mobile keyboard application Facemoji. Facemoji processes your image and creates a cute, funny, AR-powered emoji out of it to share with your friends. The keyboard app also enhances your chatting experience with a spectacular collection of fun and creative GIFs, stickers, emoticons, etc. to spice up any textual conversation.  With Facemoji keyboard, you get to completely dominate the Emoji Game with customized AR emojis, automatic speech-to-text, hundreds of regional languages, and touch-of-a-button translations.

DU Speed

Smartphones operate on ground-breaking, flexible operating system, yet the wrong blend of applications — or basically too many of such applications — can gobble up the system assets and leave your smartphone feeling sluggish and hard to utilize. Few smartphones have pre-installed apps for this and for the rest a speed-boosting cache cleaner turn out to be a lifeline. DU Speed Booster is an extremely helpful and easy-to-use application that offers useful features with valuable functionalities. The application gives wide-ranging advantages to its users such as memory booster, trash cleaner, phone accelerator, game booster, and system speed meter.

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