3 Winning Habits to Flourish in IT

3 Winning Habits to Flourish in IT

When you develop winning habits in your profession, you progressively rise to the top of your career because you develop the attitude and aptitude to do all the right things at the right time.  

While it is easy to understand the value of winning habits in an extroverted profession like law or marketing or sales, where the benefits of knowing your products and services intimately and communicating them clearly can directly translate into financial gain, it can be a little more challenging appreciating the value of developing winning habits if you have a career in Information Technology (I.T.) 

Still, Dr. Santanu admirably illustrates what happens when you cultivate winning habits in I.T. Not only has he earned a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, but he has also served as the Chief Technology Officer for Boston-based organizations. 

With that in mind, here are some winning habits that work particularly well in I.T. 

The Winning Habit of Following Clues 

For winning habits in the technology sector, you must have a burning curiosity to find out more about emerging new technology that you hear about.    

Your enthusiasm should not only focus on understanding the functionality of new software but also on learning about software environments, such as a willingness to learn about the best hosting platforms.

If, for instance, a colleague casually suggests that host Node.js hosting service,  provides the best possible hosting because it offers a superior deployment experience, then you’ll immediately investigate this clue  —  you can find more info here. If your colleague is right, then it will transform your hosting decisions in the future, making it easier to provide your company or clients with superior I.T. services.    

The Winning Habit of Being Authentic  

In any corporation, it’s easy to pretend to be enthusiastic about the mission of your company, but there is a way to distinguish between someone who is genuine and someone who has just adopted the right attitude.

The litmus test to determine your level of authenticity is to notice what you do to capture attention. Do you capture attention by saying all the right things at the right time or do you capture attention by providing something of value that improves the company? 

If you are always staying abreast of the latest technology news, forever refining your technical knowledge and skills, then you will constantly come up with innovative ideas  that will regularly add value to your company.

The Winning Habit of Staying Focused 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused in the modern world, especially in the technology sector where distractions are the new normal. Just glancing at your smartphone or surfing the web while researching a topic can provide you with enough clickbait to completely lose track of everything you were doing.

Yet ironically it has never been more important to drop distractions because it takes a tremendous amount of concentration to excel in technology. Ironically, as this skill of learning how to focus on a task becomes more difficult for everyone, from people who use technology to those who build it, the more valuable it is. 

So if you can cultivate the habit of working all the time you are working, you will make rapid progress in your technological career. You will have mastered a rare and valuable skill and attract the attention of those who can help you flourish in I.T.   

Change Your Habits, Change the World

While winning habits in any profession will help your career, it can be especially powerful in technology because the work you do can literally change the world.

Innovation may appear accidental, but cultivating winning habits positions you to have more insights and fortuitous breakthroughs. For instance, Jan Koum and Brian Acton managed to build WhatsApp, the most used messaging app in the world, because they followed the winning habits outlined in this article--they followed clues on what to learn, they created something that offered real value to end-users, and they focused on all the details necessary to figure out to complete their project.