3 Tips For Perfecting Your Brand On Social Media

3 Tips For Perfecting Your Brand On Social Media

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 09:59 Hrs
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Social media is the perfect place for your brand to thrive, especially if you learn to harness the power effectively. After all, not only do you have the opportunity to engage with your fans in a meaningful way, but you can also promote yourself across the web. However, if you feel as though your brand has been lacking on social media, then it might be time to reassess your strategy.

As social is one of the best ways to receive the best ROI on the amount of time, money, and effort you put into, it goes without saying that this is something you should seriously consider investing in. And if you’re looking to improve your social efforts, then I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how to establish your foundation. Check them out below:

Assess Your Branding

If you’re looking to take off on social media, then one of the first places you need to look is with your branding. As a sometimes overlooked aspect of your social media, your branding is going to be the reason that people connect with you, as it represents a certain ethos or collective set of ideas. While it might sound surprising, people believe in brands much more than you’d imagine, because as noted by CrowdSpring, 91 percent of consumers state that they look at authenticity in a brand over anything else. And if you’re looking to create an audience, then purveying your core values is a must.

Start out by asking yourself what you’d think of your brand from an outside perspective. Granted, as this is something we’ve invested a lot of time and effort into, getting an objective opinion might not be a bad idea. Try to focus on the aspects that encompass your brand and what each one represents, for example, if your logo design conveys a certain sense of personality or can tell what your business does. As branding is something that takes a lot of self-examination, take your time with this approach, as your brand will be the most crucial aspect as to why people are attracted to your social media.

Learn About The Structure 

While you’re most likely familiar with the structure of social media from your personal engagement, actually doing it professionally is an entirely different ball game. Not only do you have to be strategic about your approach, but you additionally have to invest a fair amount of energy and maintenance into upkeep, which is the park that most don’t always feel like contributing to. However, learning how to do things like plant hashtags for likes can not only gain you more followers but more business as well.

Look around the industry that you’re invested in, including seeing what the most popular communities are, as well as the most popular tools for posting. For example tweets with 1 to 2 hashtags get 21 percent higher engagement than those with none, which will be true across the board. However, what hashtags are most prevalent in your community will take some research, so take your time in learning what form of engagement will give you your best return. All-in-all, this is your opportunity to take on the in’s and out’s of social, so embrace as it as a chance to scientifically give yourself an advantage.

Stay Consistent With Your Visuals

Although it sounds simple, having a consistent lineup of visuals will help tremendously with your social media. In fact, according to Buffer, tweets with images receive 150 percent more retweets than those without, which is a significant difference in the level of engagement received. And no matter if it’s learning photography or taking on design, trying to figure out a strategy for your social media accounts to have more visual content is a must, especially considering the amount of potential attention you can get in return. However, a big part of this is your planning, as well as how you plan to maximize that. 

To begin, make a calendar of when you’re trying to post on social media, as well as what type of visuals you can produce for that. To accomplish this goal, you might want to consider either bringing on a photographer or designer on contract, which when done efficiently, can save you tremendously on a great product. Overall, the mission here is to provide as many visuals as you can to increase engagement, as it will maximize the efforts you put into social tenfold.

What are some of your goals for perfecting your brand on social? Comment with your answers below!

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