3 Reasons India is The Hub of Technology

3 Reasons India is The Hub of Technology

India is one of the fastest growing nations out there and has already madea mark in the technological world. The country has a population of more than 1.3 billion and is considered the second biggest online market, only after China.

There are many reasons why India is fast becoming a major power, and a lot of credit goes to the technological advancements made in the country. It accepted technology and now is bearing the fruits in the form of economic growth.

This growth led to a number of developments in India including more jobs, improved healthcare, better education, improving quality of life and decreasing poverty.

According to a report, India is considered to be the 3rd biggest ecosystem in the world. It accepted technology wholeheartedly, be it card readers from companies like Lintechtt or energy efficient products.

Let’s have a look at the 3 reasons India is the hub of technology:

1. Technology Is Affordable

India is the second largest country to have around half of their population (530 million) use smartphones. This is a huge achievement because still there are many countries where smartphones are a luxury as there’s no advancement in the technology area.

The IT industry in India is a force to be reckoned with. The IT specialists in the country have carved a niche globally making India one of the biggest exporters of software out there. Many companies have their offices in India including call centers and software houses. This is because India is a lot cheaper than other countries and hence very attractive to businesses as they can save money by operating in India where labor cost is among the cheapest in the world.

2. Encouraging Youngsters In The IT Sector

The main reason for India to be in the limelight, especially in the IT sector, is because more than 50% of the population that’s under 25 years of age ais familiar with IT and software development. That’s how common software development and the IT field is in India.

According to the same study, India will beat US by the end of 2018 in producing number of software developers.

No doubt, at least one indian software developer or IT guy/girl is found in a foreign company.

This approach is leading the country to betterment and experts say that more good days are ahead for India.

3. AID By The Government

The current budget allocation to the department of science and technology in India has been increased to $790 million. That’s a straight 8.21% increase from the last budget sanctioned.

This proves that India is really looking forward to race their way up to the first position when it comes to being technology pioneers, leaving behind other nations and their government is fully supporting this cause.

India Is Thriving

All the stats speak for the country. We really transformed from zeroes to heroes by adapting to technology and are making quite a name around the globe.

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