10 Wealthiest Indian Politicians

Bangalore: Corruption and dirty games is said to be a part of politics, however politicians are the people who are in charge of the actions that can make or break the fortunes of millions in a country. They can be the source of inspiration and can lift the economic condition of a country, or can be the source of chaos that can destroy the country. Here are the 10 richest Indian politicians based on the assets declared by them, as listed by yahoo.com.

Mahendra Prasad:
Mahendra Prasad is a politician from Janata Dal (United) party and is a Member of the Parliament representing Bihar in the Rajya Sabha. He is the richest Indian politician with total assets worth Rs 692 crore, movable assets worth Rs 664 crore and immovable property valued at 28 crore.

Vijay Mallya:
Vijay Mallya is the second richest politician in India. The liquor baron and a second-time member of India's parliament has assets worth Rs 615 crore. The industrialist is a Rajya Sabha member, and was elected as an independent candidate from Karnataka.

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