10 Nastiest Communal Riots That Ever Happened in Secular India

Bangalore: In India, religious violence is often accompanied with an act of aggression by supporters of one religious group against followers and organizations of another religious class, mostly in the form of mutiny. With the recent communal riot that broke out in Muzaffarnagar, UP, it has once again raised an alarm among Indians on the rise of communal clashes in the country and the nature of its sensitivity among the religious groups.

Let us take a look at some of the grievous communal riots that India witnessed over the last century as listed by Walkthrough India-

1. Muzaffarnagar riots 2013:

Muzaffarnagar riots that began on 27 August 2013 is believed to be sectarian clashes between the two religious communities (Hindu-Muslim) in Shamli and Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh. So far, it had claimed over 40 lives and injured 93. The outrage in this region started off after an alleged eve-teasing incident that led to murder of a Muslim youth by two youths of the Hindu Jat community. Consequently, these two youths were killed by a mob while trying to escape. This small town personal clash has spread like wild fire leading to chaos and loss of lives within the state.

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