10 Most Haunted Railway Stations In The World

Bangalore: Ghost, think of this word and your blood runs cold. No, this story is not to make you believe in ghost; but stories of the restless spirits of the night linger in these below mentioned places. However, you might have heard few people talking about ghosts wandering in the fields, forests and cemeteries, but have you ever heard about ghosts roaming around in a railway station? Of course, train stations are places that have hundreds or thousands of people passing through their doors. But there are few train stations in this world which are believed to be haunted.

Let’s have a quick look at the list of haunted train stations as compiled by Bizarre.

1. Bishan MRT Station, Singapore

“Bishan MRT station is haunted!” Yes, this is what the Singaporeans say. In Singapore, there are numbers of stations like Woodleigh MRT, Novena MRT, Tampines MRT, are known to be haunted, but the most famous is Bishan MRT in central Singapore. Built on the site of the former Bi Shan Teng cemetery, Bishan was started in 1987 as a full-fledge train station and since then eerie stories started circulating.

There were many occasions when maintenance workers have reported seeing apparitions like headless figures, coffin bearers walking on the tracks; and even ghosts that disturb young women. However, the most horrified incident took place in 1990, when a woman fainted the moment she left the train in Bishan. She reported to onlookers that as soon as she exits from the train, unseen hands groped her.

That is not all; the incident that sends chills down the spine is people even have heard footsteps atop the moving train. When the train is underground, how that could be possible?

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