10 Countries with the Highest Number of Enslaved People

9. Myanmar: In this country, it is the poor economic conditions and lack of opportunity that literally forced its masses to migrate within its own country and to neighboring countries like China, Malaysia and Thailand, and also to South Korea. Most of the migrants fall prey to modern slavery with reports of deceptive recruitment of women for sale as brides in China, or commercial sexual exploitation in Thailand and China.

Some migrants also risk being enslaved in Malaysia, with reports suggesting that workers are subject to forced labor–normally in poor, unhygienic and dangerous conditions. . Myanmar’s condition primarily arises out of the longest running civil wars in modern history and a previous repressive military dictatorship.

8. Democratic Republic of the Congo: The second largest nation in Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a country located in Central Africa. Only the name of this country symbolizes democracy,   there is no democracy in Congo since its independence in 1960. At present, the ongoing conflicts make its masses vulnerable to modern slavery and are at risk of forced labor in the mining and agriculture industry, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude. The country’s political instability, poor infrastructure, lack of basic services and massive number of displaced people has contributed to bring Congolese population extremely susceptible to modern slavery.

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