10 Countries with the Highest Number of Enslaved People

BANGALORE: Slavery though being outlawed nationally and internationally, it remains a scar on humanity. However, the ‘Global Slavery Index 2013’ conducted by Walk Free Foundation ranked 162 countries estimated the number of people in each nation affected with a range of practices including forced and bonded labour, human trafficking, forced marriages, and the use of children in the military. Here are the names of 10 countries that popped up in the list of the largest enslaved population. These countries accounted for 76 percent of the total estimate of 29.8 million in modern slavery.

10. Bangladesh: A South Asian country located on the fertile Bengal delta, Bangladesh is basically a nation affected by modern slavery that exists in the forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor and bonded labor, both in and around its borders and overseas.

Some of the Bangladeshis are believed to be enslaved overseas in the Middle East, in neighboring Southeast Asian countries, and Europe. Based on the GSI estimation, in the past 3 decades, over one million Bangladeshis have been enslaved in these countries. It is the high rate of poverty and unemployment that forced its own masses to work abroad as a bonded labor. Over three lakh masses are believed to be enslaved in Bangladesh, said the report.

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