10 Countries With the Highest Divorce Rates


8. Cuba

Although, at the moment, the recorded divorce rate in Cuba is 3.16 percent, the actual figure is much higher. About 70 percent of all marriages that are solemnized in the country are expected to end up in dissolution! Now that’s certainly a frightening vision. The reason for this is probably because of the fraudulent nature of most of these marriages. People here marry for reasons including financial gain and obtaining exit visas. The reason for failed marriages can also be attributed to language barrier due to the presence of a large number of cultures.

7. Moldova

With a divorce rate of 3.50 percent, Moldova goes one step further than Cuba to take its place at the 7th spot.  In a society where the women are expected to work both outside as well as inside the house, it is but natural for the women to be stressed, this in turn is taking its toll on marriages. Growing economic crisis combined with crowded housing conditions is only compounding the issue.