10 Countries That Are Worst Hit by Terrorism

Bangalore: Terrorism is being callous and selfish. It’s modern time dictatorship to impede others from living a free life. Its effects are felt by everyone whether involved directly or not. Terrorism can’t be tossed aside or stubbed out of mind, as it scars every person who believes in peaceful existence. It scorns and disrupts living. With conflicts of all sorts, ranging from civil wars to bloody violence, terrorism is spread beyond anyone’s control in today’s world. The worst affected region is South Asia. As per the Global Terrorism Index, which records data on terrorism from across the world, India ranks fourth among the most affected countries in the world, here are the top 10 countries which are worst hit by terrorism.

10 Philippines
Terrorism Index: 6.8
The country has political conflicts carried out by rebel groups against the Philippine government, its supporters and citizens. Since 2000 the radical Islamist groups have carried out more than 40 major bombing against civilians and civilian properties. The terror attacks from 2000 to 2007 has killed nearly 400 Filipino civilians and injured over 1500 more.

9 Russia
Terrorism Index: 7.07
Russia cites one of the worst terror attacks in history when terrorists targeted children in a school in Beslan in South Russia in 2004. The CheChen militants laid siege in the school, on September 1st; it was the first day of school after spring break, the siege lasted for three days until Russian security forced itself inside the school building. However by then 186 children and 154 adults were killed.

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