10 Biggest Conflicted Immigration Windows Of The World

BANGALORE: Immigration has been and will always be an issue around the world for reasons that are too disheartening. Immigration is when a whole indigenous group of people migrate from one country to another in hopes of a better life—economically and socially. However, immigration, most of the times, was done illegally. Many people have lost their lives in hopes of getting away from their country and find a better life in another.

Immigration is a source of population growth and it runs down a country’s functioning abilities because of the efforts taken to make sure the migrants are well settled. Then there arises the need to curb their financial instability, behavior, acts of violence and legalize their stay. Some of the biggest immigration windows and conflict areas are listed by Rediff.com, so here is the list of them below.

Mexico-U.S. Border: This region is made familiar to the people not because it has been voiced by politicians but more importantly some of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster movies are based on Mexico-U.S. border migrations.

There are over 11.6 million Mexicans living in America. Though reports have shown that there are many Mexicans returning back to their motherland in recent years, America continues to house the largest Mexican emigrants.

America houses the highest number of emigrants from around the world of nearly 42.5 million immigrants. The thing with immigration is that it puts the security of the country at risk and especially in the U.S; the number of immigration was reduced after the attack on its twin towers. America has a policy that it welcomes immigrants legally from all over the world and not just one country.

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