10 Tips to Choose Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

10 Tips to Choose Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

As IAS is the most sought after of all the Civil Services and the IAS exam is the toughest where the candidates are required not only to clear the exam, but also face the most fierce of the competitions, it is only logical that the coaching institution for the preparation of IAS should be chosen with utmost care. And needless to say, all of the candidates would like to choose the best IAS Coaching in Delhi.

However, choosing the coaching is not as easy as it seems. It is far from simply making the payment and getting yourself enrolled in the coaching center for that is not going to serve any purpose. Rather, you would regret having wasted the amount you have paid for the fee as well as your time, effort and energy.

How to choose the Best IAS coaching in Delhi? 10 tips for the same …

As already said above, opting for the coaching in Delhi is not as simple as it appears to be. The coaching institution that you join in order to prepare for Civil Services needs to be the best for UPSC would allow only the best of the candidates to join IAS.

The tips given below would definitely help you choose the best IAS Coaching in Delhi.

(1) Look for your requirements: A number of the candidates look for an IAS coaching center that equips them in a manner so that they can successfully clear all the stages of the exam i.e., the Prelims, Mains and the Interview.

However, some of the aspirants who have already cleared the Prelims, look for preparing for the Mains only. And those who have cleared the Prelims and are confident of themselves that they may successfully go ahead with the Mains (though the preparation for the same is a highly complex process) look for the IAS coaching institute that can train them well to face the Mains exam as well as the Interview in a successful manner.

So, the IAS coaching center that may be the best one for an IAS aspirant might not be so for other candidates. As the requirement(s) of all of the IAS aspirants differ, so does the best UPSC coaching in Delhi.

(2) Talk to the students who are already enrolled there: It is only sensible to talk to the students who are already enrolled in the coaching institute. You may also talk to those who have already completed a course from the coaching institution that you are contemplating to join. It will help you find out what their experience has been and whether the coaching institution is worth getting enrolled in or not.

(3) Do not get carried away by the peer pressure: Many a times, quite a few of the IAS aspirants join a coaching institute for preparation of the IAS exam simply because some of their friends are doing so for some reason or another. And that does not make the coaching institution the best coaching. So it is best not to get carried away by the peer pressure.

(4) Look into the past achievements of the institute: Look into if any of the students coached in the institution have been able to clear the IAS exam successfully. It will help you choose the coaching in Delhi.

(5) Talk to the faculty members: You are going to receive the help for preparing for the IAS exam from the faculty at the coaching institute. If they have a strong hold over the subjects that they are teaching, you are definitely going to be taught well.

(6) Ask for a demo class: If you ask for a demo class before getting enrolled in the institute, it will give you a fair share of the idea of the teaching mechanism at the coaching institution.

(7) Ask for the total strength of the batches in the institute: If the strength of each batch in the coaching exceeds the number that seems to be logically appropriate, then the faculty member might not pay proper attention to the doubts and queries of all the students and they are likely to be left unanswered.

(8) Try to find if the coaching institute allows for a provision for solving the students’ doubts and queries even after completion of the course: Before you get yourself enrolled in the coaching institute, try to find if the institute would allow you to solve your queries by asking the faculty to do the same even after the course is completed.

(9) Does the institute allow the currently enrolled students to interact with the successful ones: In case if any of the students from the coaching institute have already cleared the IAS exam, does the coaching institute allow the currently enrolled students gain something relevant from their experience by allowing them to interact with them at pre-scheduled intervals regularly.

(10) What about the study material?: Get a fair share of the idea if the coaching institution provides the qualitative study material in the proportion of what does it charge. It should also encompass the quality of the study material that you are provided with. The study material should not only cover the UPSC syllabus as required, but should also be prepared in an effective manner so that it helps the students to clear the exam with a rank high enough so that UPSC allows them to opt for IAS.

However, it always makes sense not to make any choices in a hurry. And the same applies to choosing the IAS coaching in Delhi. Besides, it is wiser and advisable to listen, but decide in favour of what seems to be most logical.

Ultimately, it is you who is going to gain or lose by the decision that you make.

Again, as already said earlier, the requirements of all the IAS aspirants vary. And so, the coaching might not be the same for your competitors and vice versa.

The best IAS coaching in Delhi is likely to be the one that you opt for only after considering all the relevant factors and the important ones that are going to hold ground for all of the aspirants have already been specified in the tips specified above.

Wish you Best of Luck!

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