10 Tips and Tricks to Follow for GATE 2019 Aspirants

10 Tips and Tricks to Follow for GATE 2019 Aspirants

So, have you applied for GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering) 2019? Are you done with the right preparation? If you are well aware of GATE preparation tips, you are on the right track. Otherwise, it can be a tricky job to crack the exam. Considering any competitive exam, the most important factor is time. If you fail to deal with each question within speculated time, then there is no chance of getting qualified. How unfortunate the situation would be? To answer each question correctly within the given time, the right preparation is what you need.

Let’s try to figure out 10 tips and tricks to qualify GATE 2019.
1) No-No to exam fear

Make your mind steady and think that this is just an exam. Even if you couldn’t qualify the exam, this is not the end of the world. If you get anxious, you will never do your exam well. So be calm and face the exam with confidence. Everything will be alright if you are confident.

2) Understand the syllabus well

Like every other competitive exam, GATE syllabus is like a vast ocean. So it is quite important to understand the syllabus of one’s stream. GATE coaching in Kochi helps to know the syllabus completely right from the scratch to recognize the strengths and weaknesses before starting the preparation.

3) Follow a good timetable

It is true that planning leads to success. So, never start preparing without any timetable or planning. Divide each day/week to cover portions of lesson and stick to your deadlines. Don’t make timetables which you can’t follow.

4) Reference books matters

It is recommended that standard books by experts are apt for the preparation. Yes, standard books reference is very important considering the exam pattern to give good insights. There are various books in the market but make sure you refer to standard books to have a clear view of the questions and answers.

5) Solve as much numerical and theoretical problems

Referring to one standard book for a subject is enough actually rather than referring to many books without proper knowledge. Try to solve as many questions daily whenever you prepare a topic or lesson and success will be yours.

6) Prepare short notes

The most important tip to crack GATE 2019 is by making short notes while preparing for an exam. Maintain a separate notebook for formulas and also rough notes will definitely help for a quick revision. Make sure to prepare handy notes which will be a great help before the exam.

7) Practice previous year question papers

When you complete preparing each section, practice previous years question papers. This will not count in mock exams. Practicing previous year papers will give a thorough understanding of topics weightage and marking systems. All together you get an idea about the exams. Make sure you practice previous year questions papers regularly.

8) Attend online mock tests

Mock tests are quite important before you attend GATE 2019. It gives you a clear knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you complete the preparation before the mock tests itself and take it as a serious exam. Get maximum benefits by attending the mock exams.

9) Revise, revise and revise

You may forget the important topics if you didn’t revise them on time. Revising helps to analyze by testing yourself. Go for weekly revision and make sure you don’t forget any of the topics you covered.

10) Be healthy always

In order to prepare well for the exam, you must be healthy and fit. So, eat healthy, sleep for 8 hours and be happy always. Eating healthy will give the right memory power and sleep helps to get rid of anxiety and stress if you have any. Never get tensed by thinking the result of exam instead prepare well and follow the timetable and success will be at your feet.

With just two months left for GATE 2019, plan, prepare, revise, practice and be healthy. It’s time to pull up your socks, follow these tips to qualify GATE 2019. Wish you all the best!

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