10 Tallest Cricketers In The History Of Cricket

BANGALORE: Cricket is one such game that usually involves more of skill and talent rather than the physical criteria of being strong and tall. Not to forget, there have been a few cricketers with lanky and muscular figure who have contributed immensely in the results of the game.

Except for a few batsmen, it is usually the bowlers, that too of the faster class, who are tall. Here are the names of few tallest cricket players ever to have featured in the game of cricket. Have a look, reported by Khabir Uddin Mughal of Sporteology.

Mohammed Irfan: Lanky quickie from East Pakistan, Mohammed Irfan is well recognized by his height rather than his name in the game of cricket. His height, for some time has been under some assumptions, however, Irfan measures 216cm that is 7’1”.

Lack of job opportunities in his home town forced Irfan to get into playing cricket. Born to a poor family, Irfan initially worked in the local factory. But his dream of playing cricket was cited by another quickie Aaqib Javed in the first National Cricket Academy in Lahore and found his talent as a great one for the game. Irfan made his debut back in march 2010 against England. Unfortunately, after playing 2 ODIs he got out of form and was dropped from the national team. But he came back very strongly against India in resent tour in 2013/14 with plenty of promises and now he comes out as a mature left arm fast bowler who can bowl 140 km speed consistently.
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