10 Strange Rituals Performed in India Even Today
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10 Strange Rituals Performed in India Even Today

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 13 March 2015, 12:23 Hrs
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BENGALURU: India is a country with diverse cultures and traditions. It is one of the ancient lands in the world which has a wide variety of interesting yet strange rituals. India, for people living in other countries is a land of snake charmers and elephant riders. On one hand we Indians perform the rituals like ‘pooja’, ‘shaadi’, ‘nikah’, ‘azaan’, and ‘chanting of mantras’, ‘Surma Pawai’, Christian wedding ceremonies, ‘grih pravesh’ and many more. On the other hand few customs and rituals are a bit weird or strange to witness.

While the enjoyable rituals are heartily welcome, the bizarre rituals are very tough to tolerate. But it’s hard to change the stubborn mentalities of some orthodox communities.

Here is a glimpse of the few strange rituals being performed in India, as compiled by The wonderlist.

Exorcism by Marriage: Women in India have to undergo lots of rituals throughout her life. Indians hugely believe in spirits and their supernatural powers. Superstitions prevail a lot here among the hearts and minds of people, be it educated or uneducated. They belief that, as per astrology, if some girl is born in some wrong ‘muhurta’ or time, she possesses some evil spirit, that may cost the life of her future husband. She is called ‘Mangalik’. People who believe this superstition deny marrying a mangalik girl.

 As a solution to this, the mangalik girl is first married to a tree or an animal, in most of the cases a dog. Some people even perform this ritual with girls born with some deformities, cleft lip or tooth; because they are believed to be the symbol of possessing some evil spirit.

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