10 Phobia's Most Widespread Among People

Bangalore: We live in a world where people find innovative ways to scare each other. But what about phobia, when a full grown man jumps on chairs and tables when he spots a cockroach or a lizard. Don’t believe it, here are the top 10 phobias unleashed as reported by Jeanna Bryner for livescience.com

10 The Dentist
The sound of a dentist’s drill is enough for many to skip the appointment.  In America 9 to 20 percent avoid the dentist due to fear and anxiety. The most serious of all situations is the ‘full blown dental phobia’ a condition where a person avoids the dentist’s chair at all costs.

9 Dogs
Hard to believe, but it’s true. A large number of people share the phobia of dogs. It is known as cynophobia or extreme fear of dogs. According to psychology professor Brad Schmidt of Ohio State University, most people develop cynophobia in case they have been bitten by a dog or seen someone get bitten. However there are treatments available if anyone wants to work on their relationship with dogs.

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