10 Most Literate Indian States

Bangalore: Literacy is one of the most vital indicators of social development. The higher the level of literacy the higher is the level of development in a society. Here are the ten most literate states in India as listed by yahoo.com.


Kerala is the most literate Indian state. The Literacy Rate of the state as per 2011 Census is 93.9 percent. The local dynastic ancestors of modern-day Kerala along with Catholic and Christian missionaries made significant contributions to the progress on education in Kerala. Further, Catholic missionaries brought modern school education system in Kerala. The educational scenario in Kerala is much more advanced than other states. The State had practiced a liberal higher education policy from 1956 through mid eighties in terms of quantitative expansion and access to higher education. Today, it boasts in terms of high literacy rate.


The second most literate state in the country is Mizoram. As per 2011 Census Mizoram records for a Literacy Rate of 91.6 percent. Years ago, Mizoram was not in the map, and its inhabitants were all illiterate as they were confined to the limits of tribal village. But today, Mizoram has become the second most-literate State of India.