10 Most Influential Countries: India Slips from 4th to 6th

10 Most Influential Countries: India Slips from 4th to 6th

Monday, 30 April 2012, 07:38 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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Mumbai: Afflicted by misgovernance and corruption, India’s global clout has waned over the past year but could swing back if the economy regains its growth trajectory, says a geopolitical power index (GPI) report by an independent Mumbai-based think tank.

India slipped from fourth to sixth place in the report compared to July-December 2011, owing to misgovernance and corruption, said the GPI report, a biannual index by Global Intelligence Review using a mathematical model to analyse parameters ranging from economy and governance to military and innovations.

The report measured both the ability and potential of ten most influential countries - the U.S., China, Germany, Britain, Brazil, India, France, Russia, Japan and South Africa - on a scale of 0-10 across 11 parameters during January-June 2012.

“India’s global clout has waned over the past year on account of misgovernance and corruption. But with the economy likely to regain its growth trajectory in the second half of 2012, the geopolitical momentum could swing back in India’s favour,” said Minhaz Merchant, author of the report that is available with IANS.

According to the report, political uncertainty, stalled economic reforms and the prospect of a hung parliament in the next Lok Sabha election have diminished India’s ability to punch at its geopolitical weight.

“New Delhi is struggling to nuance its role in global crises – from Iran and Sri Lanka to Afghanistan and Syria – and a faltering strategic partnership with the U.S.,” it said.

Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(7)
1: India will keep falling on account of its corrupt practice. Corruption in Government prevails from Ministry to office peon. A simple Example of Indias slow GDP is our corrupt customs who are manning the Airports, allowing the Indian human carriers (same face flying every alternate days)smuggling goods worth millions of dollars every day through various airports, while our Small scale enterprunears manufacturing towels to toys, bathroom slippers to soap boxes are shutting down their factories, causing loss of GDP and unemployment. A Few influential greedy welathy Indians employing 100's of human carriers are into these operations for personnel gain.Cheap hazardous goods manufactured in neighbouring country are regularly being smuggled into the country through various air corridors. An example of such facts being undertaken to the readers of Silicon India....Check the early morning flight from Kunming (China)to Kolkata (India), which arrives Kolkata at 6AM every morning.
Posted by:Tappy - 07 May, 2012
2: Coincidence(?) that comments numbered 1 & 3 (odd) would shoot the messenger and trashmouth the competition while nos. 2 & 4 (even) choose to leverage level-headed, constructive criticism that calls for proactivism. From abroad, with prayers for adopted/adoptive motherland India... Posted by HTM
Posted by:HTM - 01 May, 2012
Is it possible that the act of posting of your own comment changed the comment numbers (by one) from what you meant to refer to - so now what you were trying to say is transmuted? Heisenberg uncertainty principle strikes again! Perhaps it might be clearer to refer to the comment author names instead? Since your comment number is 1 (at least for now!), and you were obviously not referring to your own comment, I am inferring the above.
AjayPK Replied to: HTM - 01 May, 2012
4: Since when Britain, a paid keep of the US, become become a influential power in the World which lost out long ago? Brazil is more or less a third World Nation and carries no weight even in South America. Only the EU and the US have ranked them above India just because they are pumping in money so that their place of enjoyment does not collapse. China is a totally dumb and miserable Country openly supporting terror Countries like Pakistan and North Korea. Just because the US has negative balance of trade they have ranked China at 2nd. Japan and Germany should be occupying rank 1.
Posted by:JBP - 01 May, 2012
5: The current Indian Government is destroying the potential that was India which is shameful and should be unforgivable. Whatever progress is visible, by the rocket scientists and entrepreneurs, is despite the current corrupt Government, not because of it.

Even some of the most enthusiastic drumbeaters for India, including public relations consultant Suhel Seth, have changed their tunes in recent years. They have warned that “Brand India” has taken a beating because of “self-serving” politicians and bureaucrats.

“The India story is downhill and needs surgery, not beating about the bush as we are wont to do,” Seth wrote this week.
Posted by:AjayPK - 30 Apr, 2012
6: Lack of clout is just fine. Germany and Britain are up there due to the European issue. Otherwise what clout do they have anyway. Brazil?? right....
Posted by:SMP - 30 Apr, 2012
7: ya.. our leaders are buzy looting our wealth
Posted by:Jam - 30 Apr, 2012