Romantic Bollywood Songs with Icy Mountains in the Backdrop

Bangalore: The director’s hat is not only flooded with several ideas for his leading pairs, but also has a vision on how to film a particular shot. Of all the scenes, the romantic moments are emphasized more as they relate to our lives! To picturise these romantic songs in a movie, the most common background are the snow- capped mountains. Let’s take a quick glance of all the popular snow-capped songs in B-Town, as listed by TOI.

Yeh Hasi Vaadiyaan: Shot in the backdrop of Hills of Kashmir from the movie Roja, this song brings out the passionate person in you. Any person who listens to this song is bound to fall in love, all over again. The song which portrays Madhu and Aravind Swamy, is about the blooming romance of a newly married couple. This song had marked the debut of A.R. Rahman as a music director.       

Tu Mere Saamne: When we are talking of romantic songs, we cannot leave the king of romance behind.