Angel Has Fallen: Gerard Butler's Striking Action Proves Worthy of a Fight, But Sloppy Script Lets Down

Angel Has Fallen: Gerard Butlers Striking Action Proves Worthy of a Fight, But Sloppy Script Lets

Rating: **

Cast: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Danny Huston, Lance Reddick

Director: Ric Roman Waugh

Producers: Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Matt O'Toole, John Thompson, Les Weldon and Yariv Lerner

With the customary storyline, ‘Angel Has Fallen’ offers the storyline of Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), a secret service agent’s dash to prove his virtuousness after he was accused in an assassination attempt on the US President (Morgan Freeman).

A range of bomber drones were in the scene at a fishing trip, with an assassination effort on the President. Mike with his intelligence and athleticism, saves the President somehow while others were slaughtered by the enemies in the battle. However the lone survivors, President and Mike were unconscious after the drastic incident. President went into coma and when Mike became conscious, he was detained under the suspicion of the man behind the hit. Known for his over the top skills, Mike gets away from the custody, but his expedition to prove his innocence is the remaining part which takes forward the movie.

Following the outdated action style, ‘Angel Has Fallen‘ got all the ingredients for an action flick, i.e. the typical shootouts, style sequences, fight scenes which dates back to the 1990s cliché. With twists and turns here and there in the plot, ‘Angel Has Fallen’ offers that sense of urgency in the viewers as Mike is wrongly accused. However, Mike’s relationship with his father Clay Banning (Nick Nolte), who is an ex army man who lived off the edge throughout the movie conveys that extra necessary element which the movie and Mike craves for as a piece of motivation.

Using cliché clunky dialogues and lines, the movie could’ve been much better with a proper screenplay. Even though the sound effects are spot on, the CGI (computer generated imagery) seems to be really sloppy compared to the other major films releasing in this 21st Century. Being the third installment of the series ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, the ‘Angel Has Fallen’ has its own qualities, but with a strong storyline the movie could’ve been much better by bringing forward  the best out of Morgan Freeman, Danny Huston and Lance Reddick.

Can easily blame on the miserable curse that tags on in global cinema that sequels are often disappointing than the originals. Very rarely, movies tend to keep up that standards or even better it. Angel Has Fallen is one of the victims who fall into these tragic mainstream movies that fade apart as the sequel advances.

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