Spider-Man: Far From Home - Tom Holland's Spidey is Not Too Far from an Another Marvel BlockBuster

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Tom Holland's Spidey is Not Too Far from an Another Marvel BlockBuster

Rating: ****

Cast: Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya

Director: Jon Watts

Producer: Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal

Woohoo! Spidey’s back in town. Oops!! My bad, this time he is too far from home. With a start-studded cast in support, Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ is creating buzz in theatres near you as it stays true after his phenomenal adventure in the recent edition of Avengers: Endgame. The dismayed events of the epic, thundering Avengers movie distorted the usual day-to-day life around and the storyline of this gripping movie is about the struggles Peter Parker undergoes after his sad loss of his father-figure Tony Stark.

Nevertheless, Peter now has immense responsibilities on his shoulders as he is now one key figure in the roster. Even though, the makers has to carefully put forward a story that picks up from the Avengers, but the storyline was exceptional. Plot was hugely focusing on the quests Peter Parker goes through in his school days and in his future, Tony Stark successor role.

Regardless of the film, audiences now expect a lot of thrilling action sequences in the movie as Endgame set a huge bar in the industry.  There are chances of audiences getting wondered as Spiderman: Far from Home is an amalgam of a high-school rom-com and a typical Marvel action movie. As the story unfolds, Peter’s interest is directed at impressing his romantic interest Michelle (Zendaya) at school, nothing to be wondered about for a 16 year old teenager. But things get very serious afterwards, as he realizes being an Avenger has its own pros and cons as Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) reports that the Elementals (Fire, Water and Fire Monsters) are causing a major threat across Europe. Peter Parker along with Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhal) cleans up the mess one way or the other when Elementals are causing chaos.

The movie never wants us to forget Tony Stark, and it brings that anxiety and curiosity to name the next Tony Stark. A scene when Fury giving Stark’s glasses to Peter put viewer’s mind in doubt as Peter is still not matured enough for the role. Tom Holland’s performance in the film is mind-blowing and he is slowly establishing his role as Spiderman, as his versatility in expressions is quite charming especially when he displays innocence, susceptibility and more.

‘Spiderman: Far From Home’ is definitely a beautifully made film which got all the ingredients to be a super-hit such as high-school romance, long action-packed sequences, and humour which we can only expect from a Spider-Man movie. Movie buffs, go ahead and grab the tickets to enjoy a pleasing 129 minutes of Marvel’s brilliance in putting together a movie that tag along well after the Avengers: Endgame adventure.

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