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Movie Releases in India this Week

Okay, it's almost one week after the 'Avengers: Endgame' release! So temme, how many times have you watched the most anticipated movie of 2019? If you are a hardcore Marvel fan or an Avengers fan, you might have seen it for more than two times or if you haven't seen the movie yet, just do one thing, jump out of the window and die!!.. Just kidding folks! You can still watch the movie in the theaters near you; so gang up with your friends, cousins, family, gf/bf or just go alone (because the movie is mind-blowing) to witness the latest epic superhero movie from the Russo Brothers.

Just after one week from the year's most anticipated movie 'Avengers: Endgame', this upcoming week is not an ideal time for movie releases, especially with the Avengers movie strides still waving on across the country. If you are looking into what's coming out this weekend, we have you covered because we list down the top five releases this week (May 3 - May 8) from Hollywood to Indian regional movies.