Indians' Love for Films Shocked Me, Says Filipino Director

Indians' Love for Films Shocked Me, Says Filipino Director

Thursday, 25 October 2012, 04:40 Hrs
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Mumbai: Filipino director Brillante Mendoza, whose " Captive" was screened at the 14th Mumbai Film Festival (MFF), is amazed to see the love of Indian audience for cinema.

"I have been to India several times. First time I was in India I was in New Delhi when I was presented an award then I was in Mumbai three years back and now again I am here. Then next month I will be in Goa. I like the film culture of the people in India. I like the energy, I like the interest of the people in films," Mendoza told.

"When I was in Delhi I was shocked... Indian people just love films, it was shocking to see that a cinema house was jam packed and people were sitting on the stairs and wanting to see the film," he said.

Though Mendoza has been to India several times but he has not seen many Indian or Bollywood films. "I am not really into Indian films much. I did see movies but I don't remember names... the one that I remember to have seen is 'Slumdog Millionaire'. I am more interested in doing films than watching," he said. The director says that in their country they are exposed to Hollywood films and not world cinema.

"The exposure that we have in Philippines is actually that of Hollywood mainstream... we don't have access to world cinema. But I have been attracted to world cinema since the time I started making movies. I have made ten films in seven years," he said.

"Captive" screened at the MAMI organised by Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) is based on a real life incident which took place in southern Philippines in 2001 where 20 tourists were kidnapped and held hostage. "I think festivals help a lot. The major exposure for alternative films are festivals of different countries and audience, and to be able to connect with distributors. It is important for filmmakers like me... we are always looking forward to festivals that give importance to world cinema," Mendoza said.

Source: PTI
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